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  1. Sonja, I hear what you are saying here, and some of the issues you refer to are in fact a problem anyplace but SL. If you are looking for something different, and doing innovative things for a commercial grid [meaning much more is actually happening now that is NOT in the handful of commercial grids], then you might consider looking into Kitely. Their pricing in in line with current technology, you can get a free but limited use region to play with, and it is NOT an overly commercialized mini SL at all. More info can be found here; http://www.kitely.com/ [pricing and other info] and here
  2. I understand completely, or as best I can in this medium. Perhaps you may find this person interesting also, as he is a Native American, and runs several regions in the Metropolis Grid, he is also a good friend. https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/113904954583860050633/114864342006468821283/posts?partnerid=gplp0 Neither of those people require you to use g+, I am simply pointing them out due to what you are saying, and you can read what they say and some of what they do there, if you wish to. I am not sure of the lingo on that link you give, but perhaps cisgender refers to anothe
  3. Hi, Possibly you may wish to join g+ , or add this person if you already are using it...Buni is a wonderful, outspoken, black woman who is also an Indie Author...and a good friend of mine. She is very sharing and has skins and shapes you may like too, free...and free places to set as home if desired. https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/113904954583860050633/117770051957914557881/posts?partnerid=gplp0
  4. It's much worse than illiteracy in that grid, I can assure you...lol And one other is comprehension, which Judy also apparently lacks, since none of what she said even makes sense. inwz is only a small backwards niche grid, heck, just in the prims thing alone, Kitely and the rest of open sim have it completely beat. Kitely offers 100k prim region and in free opensim I once loaded 381k prims on a region and stopped due to being tired...lol Anywho, back to the peanut gallery, I had just noted some entry stats to my blog so thought I would come see if anything interesting or n
  5. Seems there has been a bit of typical drama with inwz on this sl connections group thing. Amore, do you care to comment/expand on this for the readers?
  6. just a quick clarification...inwz used to allow transfers both ways but stopped iz going back to sl a couple or so years ago. They said due to fraud issues but I always personally thought they just did not wish to lose the izzies. Not that it matters. But, it is just L to iz...[just in case you do not wish it to get stuck there]
  7. Not that I care for inwz at all but to be fair, the exhanges that are currently done are done by [removed link as it seemed to not be allowed here when I did one before...google theinbiz] and as I used to work with Anna I know her to be pretty sharp. I would have to sift thru a lot of IMs on my computer to find where it is in SL....but I used to use it myself some time back. Of course this could all be changed now also as I have not been in that grid since February. And of course SL has changed it's own rules for which I have no clue or interest in either. I expect she has everything covere
  8. Actually, there are some concerns raised in several regards in these matters. The Kitely Grid, which, btw, I would recommend highly for many reasons you can read about by searching for it, does not cash out at all due to their feeling this is a problem. 100k prims per region and the least expensive region pricing in the commercial aspect of the Metaverse is only 2 good reasons. One can still use SL and Kitely at the same time of course. I do not know all the ends and outs to this now as it no longer concerns me, I play in the free metaverse now. However, their forums are a good place to di
  9. I don't know what people you refer to, but from my own knowledge and from being out in the Metaverse, that grid is known as the "Drama" grid. I have sometimes said that it has more drama per capita then sl....but, yes, since there are not near as many people there, it is harder to find....go there more often, you will find it tho, I promise-)) I just had an old dj friend of mine, who travels grids, but is mostly in sl and inwz, do some sl to email to sl talk where he actually wanted me to come in and add to "his" drama going on there...concerning known drama makers....i was astounded h
  10. well, yes, I think I made it clear, that at least, for now, it will stay up. Frankly, I had thought they would find a way to get google to remove it...lol...so it surprises me daily it is still there when I wake up and go thru my stats...tho it is all backed up of course...as all things computer related of any value should be..imho...and which one can't even do in most commercial grids except Kitely, so far, anways. I guess google is more into freedoms of expression than inwz folx are-)) There are 22 posts in that particular blog and I add more as the mood strikes me [basically stream of co
  11. eta: this was not meant as a reply to Summer specifically...I should take the time to figure out this forum more...lol Hi-)) As I keep getting hits to the one blogpage that Drakeo posted in this thread I wanted to drop back in and do a little update, for whatever value that may hold for some. I know that hardly anybody here even knows me, which is cool...that kind of thing is not important to me anyways. I have my social contacts in other places, mostly revolving around my home grid, Metropolis, a non-commercial grid, and google+, and a couple of other places...which keeps me way to busy so
  12. I wanted to apologize publicly here. A couple of posts I made in this thread were removed due to guideline violations and this is fine by me of course. I only had come here as I originally said when following new entry stats from my blog posted here earlier in this thread and only really meant to respond to that. I am not here to try proselytize people to any other grid and have no issues whatsoever with secondlife, the mother of us all. This is not meant as a brown-nosing comment simply as an apology to the commenters here that time constrained me and I did not take the time to read the g
  13. While this is also true....which is bad enough all on it's own.... I run a little terraforming business where I sell RAW terrains mostly but also do custom work sometimes...and I advertise all over the Metaverse. I am in several of these small grids and what finally got me to completely leave inwz was after watching their regions counts closely for a year, when they went down from 808 paid regions last September to 740 in February, I simply saw that it was not worth even the little bit of my time going there to update my little cart thing I had. Since there is not much else to do there I
  14. best to ignore that grid anyways....if you wish to seek out new adventures you might try Metropolis for a free opensim grid with no currency or Kitely which is the goto grid for commercial interests, or both. You can see on Maria Korolov's site how this is going. http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2013/06/grids-hit-record-high-pass-second-life-in-land-area/ and she post new stats on the 15th or 16th of each month.
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