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  1. Personally, I'm so excited for this feature to be released. The current skies in SL are for me, terribly inadequate and so far behind modern games. I really haven't noticed much difference since the EEP changes went out. In general, the sky is just so uninteresting to look at, that it really hasn't affected my experience much at all. After just a few hours of playing around with the EEP viewer, for me, changed the skies from barely worth noticing, to (finally) close to breathtaking. I can see that the current status of things has really detracted from the experience of others but I feel very confident that it'll be worth the growing pains once it's fully deployed.
  2. I saw something similar with fullbright obects in the EEP viewer but never see this on the current Firestorm build. Firestorm 6.0.2 (56680) EEP (64bit)
  3. Did a little playing around this afternoon. Loving it so far! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enzyion/25/217/387
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