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  1. I would like to comment to this Perrie . SL knows . In the beginning of the discussions about Open Sims many people in SL went to go and set up other grids. The discussion with Linden was the plan originally was that Open Sims would eventually open up and allow tp and other avenues to the open grids from Second Life. Those connections didn't happen. There are many Open Sims now that have similar platforms to the Second Life grid. LL was involved in the beginning and accepting of the open sim direction. There were signs all over Second Life advertising the Open Sim meetings and forums.
  2. I had this problem the last time I tried to be in world. I was fine for a few weeks. Then all of a sudden my avatar on my screen was a white solid oval. I am on a differant computer and today I log in and am working and all of a sudden I am getting error messages about my clothing not being in my files when I take them off. They are on my avatar I can see them and so can others. All of a sudden I am a white oval again. Does anyone know anything about this issue and can guide me in how to fix it? My graphics cards in both computers are fine and running well. I can play WOW and LEAGUE wi
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