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    making alpha's

    I´m not sure I understand your question right, but for a dress alpha I think your options are just what has been covered above, maybe you can get around using upper-body-alpha + lower-body-alpha by using the jacket template, depending on the length of your dress? As for a mesh body alpha hud, there are tutorials on creating huds, even on the second life wiki iirc, but the biggest obstacle there would be that you´d need your mesh body with mod permissions, I remember a thread on the forum of someone asking a question on a full perm mesh body or head he bought (it seemed to be no perm from what he said, even if the MP description said it was full perm), don´t think there are many of them sold full perm though.
  2. Quiet NPCs for ambience. With low LI and without their arms stretcched out like they try to personify a T
  3. I put an order to buy at 251 L$ / 1$ a few days ago, and it got fulfilled immediately. And don´t worry, it´s a lot of settings and stuff both in-world as on the website as on the forum, and often things are less than obvious or in the best place to be noticed or found, can take some time or searching to find everything, or stumble over it eventually.
  4. Thanks for your replies, Drongle and Arton. I thought the Analyze was imperative, good to know. From knowing I can´t build larger than 64 structures without using megaprims, and the opening post I´d assumed I´d have to upload the terrain in pieces already, but as it worked full size in open sim I briefly had the hope that might be a new thing that works in SL too and I just had missed the good news. 256 seems to be the 64 of open sim, I tried and I can stretch a prim to 256x256 there too. The landscape on my pic is based on a heightmap of a RL existing terrain, so I´ll see how far I can get now with limiting the triangle count. I think 100 LI would be acceptable for my purposes, so based on your example I´ll try to get it down to ~2000 triangles with an estimated LI of ~100 before uploading it to SL. One of the things I want to make in the end is a comparably detailed volcanic landscape for a friend, and that will have to be in SL, so I´ll have to worry about uploading in chunks and LI, either way.
  5. No, nobody with colours, stones or flowers in their name have. I think you might be almost right with your decoding of SANSAR, though you must be wrong on the 'N', I´m fairly sure I read on this forum that 'nefarious' is copyrighted by one of the forum members (unless you want to go that train of thought...). How about Nauseating, Nebulous, Nociceptive, Negligible or Noxious?
  6. You can find some nice free use tattoo fonts with googling a bit, which you can use with gimp or the graphic program of your choice, in case you´d prefer more 'orderly' writing than your own handwriting
  7. From my POV the only insult is that they aim for a shiny new world (with a hopefully okay name like Sansar, even Project Sansar for all I care or else) and leave the old world and it´s residents with it´s insult of a name. But maybe that´s supposed to be taken care of with the 'cannibalization'. Bad naming, again, there. I think it will be more along the lines of Sansar some day being able to 'host what will remain of SL', all under one roof.
  8.  I made a rough test mesh terrain in blender and uploaded it to a 2x2 sim sized open sim region I share with a friend no problem, see above, and it shows 265x256x80 size and 1 LI lol so I guessed that doesn´t tell me much.  Logged into Aditi then and the numbers the uploader told me looked very different. 5202 triangles, 2.240 physics, LI of 229.937 and upload fee of 65 L$, textures and physics included. Is the triangle count the bigger problem or the physics? I´d like the terrain to be exactly walkable. Unfortunately I couldn´t test-upload it at all, as it told me on two accounts, and I´m sure I did upload mesh on Aditi before with at least one of them, I don´t have the right to upload mesh. The link given to the Aditi mesh quiz takes me to this: I ignored the warning and clicked go, but the page never loaded. From reading on the forum, that seems a common problem.  I´ll keep trying though. Is there a sandbox in Agni, where it would be possible and not rude to uplad a full-size sim landscape, would be maximum 64x64 anyhow I guess, but anyway?
  9. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Get over yourself and your conspiracies. You're shocked? Would you be shocked if I said "experienced miner", "farmer" or "griefer"? No sabotage is intended at all. None. Really. No to the last one. Surnameless ones can count instantly as 'experienced griefers' just by standing there, and as 'experienced trolls' just by posting something, even on the day they rezzed. Okay, I´ll take your word for that, internet stranger. (note: google if 'Kwakkelde' is a martian given name) Actually, I think I might reconsider my conclusions about the illuminati connection, some things here seem to hint more at the NWO, makes sense too, with Sansar supposed to become the new New World. I heard already years ago that it wasn´t really 'Second Life' and 'Sansara' that had been debated about calling SL, but 'Second World' and 'Sansara', but then someone thought 'Second World' would be too obvious and 'Sansara' too mythical to attract the masses that live in their parents' basements, so they came up with 'Second Life'. (edited for a typo, just for a typo of course, I swear.) Apropos: Is greifer just a common typo, or a superlative for griefer? One could distinguish between the common griefer (surnameless griefers) and the experienced greifers (surnamed expert griefers). Or the other way round.
  10. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: That is exactly the reason why I suggested an experienced scripter. Well that plus the fact that, as someone with a last name, I can't be bothered to do the actual work. That's something peasants should take care of. Which means that only servers running pre-2003 software would be affected, namely all the mainland sims, apart from the christmas gifts and empty class 6 servers. How clever of them, interesting observation. It would also affect around 60% of mainland users. Someone could visit High Fidelity and see what Philip's emotions are on this matter. __________________________________________________________________________________________ (Coffee break, conspiracy time.) So you are implying that a surnameless one could actually be an experienced scripter? I´m shocked. Unless of course you tried to sabotage our vault expedition by having us hire a surnameless scripter. Someone could...does one get surnames there? Is anything known if they are transferable and backwards and forwards compatible with SL and Sansar? As for Philip, I´m sure you meant Philip Smith, because names. Talking about emotions and names of people whose emotions are important for us all, I´m wondering now if the whole vault and things that would make normal people crazy is tied to the latest tweet of someone whose emotions are even more important for us currently than those of Mr. Smith. Look it up. Look at the picture. And prepare for the worst.
  11. The thread made it through another Friday, astonishingly. I think they only didn´t delete it, because they thought they could wait until it was pushed back to page 2 by their totally logical forum software/setting, which doesn´t keep threads that have interesting content/recent posts/lots of participation/et aliud readily visible. There are forums that do that differently. I´m just not sure if it´s intentional or not, and need to go to work now, so I´ll leave the drama for that to someone else.
  12. (You did read the OP/Thread rules and original title of the thread, right? )
  13. Thanks for the heads-up! We won´t go unprepared, we'll take a handful of Sidhe from some medieval fantasy sim, they can take care of the nightmares. ...Slowly I get the feeling that someone might have tried to get us to that point...OP hasn´t been seen in this thread for a while...hmm...Anyone knows if OP is a relative of Kaspersky?
  14. Sounds good to me. We could even make some L/$ for the cause of The Party by selling the flags to the land barons, so they can rush out and stake their claims in Sansar.
  15. Virtually, yes. And might be, but if so, they´ll either make us sign a NDA or perma-ban us. Imagine the uproar if people realize they spend thousands of dollars on shoes and dresses and tenthousands on immovable 'property'. But it might also mean that, seeing that mainland is 94% empty now, and we still have 4 months until May and assume a rate of additional emptying of mainland of a bit more than 1%, we might witness mainland doomsday on Friday, May 13th. Probably both. They need more servers to get Sansar ready for public beta opening day, so they might try to get us to open the vault ourselves, which is scripted to release all seven hells over mainland, then they´ll turn mainland off for unreparable griefing, blame and ban us as griefers, and wash their hands in innocence. Of course everyone who bravely held out on mainland until then, plus the new accounts, will have to go to private estates then. Expect rental prices on private estates to sharply rise just before May 13th.
  16. I agree with most points and especially with that themed mainland areas, both with commercial/elegant, commercial/anything goes; residential/no junk/no banlines/skyboxes only 300+m/etc., as well as themed in the sense of all popular roleplay genres, would certainly be much more attractive than mainland as it is now. From my roleplayer's perspective, different roleplay-themed mainland areas could well be interesting for a lot of roleplayers, as it would make them more 'independent' of a specific sim/the sim/s owner/s, and the roleplay itself wouldn´t have to die or the players spread on other sims, if the owner/s can´t/don't want to keep up the RP-sim any longer. That would need some work of course, outlining general rules and lore, no banlines, setting up groups for needed IC and OOC communication (set up by Lindens for obvious reasons), working together of the land holders of those areas, so that there´s not say 100 elven castles but not a single tavern or infirmary in the area, etc., but there´s definitely potential there and it would be a rather innovative experiment in roleplay. People who´d rent larger plots could still set up themed roleplay-rentals for players without premium accounts, and some of those players might decide they´d like to stay and upgrade to premium, so they can have their own small plot and put their own personal house (themed of course ) down and own/contribute to the rp-community. The area as a whole could be much bigger than a single sim, if there is enough interest in the genre, and the whole thing wouldn´t rest on the shoulders of a single sim-owner, and it might attract a lot more people, if the roleplay-region was Linden/RP-community owned, with few but clear rules, a 'guarantee' to be still there a week or month later, and more of a democratic thing as a whole. I've been roleplaying on enough sims, also 'on the other side of the fence', to know that's not as easy as it might sound to some, and needs people to work together and act as the adults they are about it, with the good of the community in mind, but I think it could be very interesting, and if done right, might actually become a big attraction for internet roleplayers (maybe even something to get -new- people in, if advertised). To me it seems like such an obvious thing to do though, that I guess they either shun the work, or assume there´s more revenue for them in the 'private-single-sim-RP-scene' as it is. Pity, I think it could be a big chance for mainland. Then of course, with what little information has been parted with concerning Sansar and the future of SL at least for 'the common resident', this might just be no topic at all anyway.
  17. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Am I the only one who sees LL and the illuminati at work? If that's not enough, let's look at 24794 some more: 2 is a the first prime number, 47 is the 15th. 15 minus 1 is 14, double the sacred 7. That leaves us with 94, which is the exact percentage of empty space on mainland! I noted the illuminati connection in my Class 69 - sim theory also, so with what you mathematically proved here now, we can take that for granted, which bids the question how a L$ actually looks like, but I guess they keep them under lock so we won´t know it looks as we now have to assume it looks like. In fact. And don´t forget that 9+4=13. 13! There´s a Friday 13th this year, in May...
  18. Apart from what has been suggested, my only other idea is - did you check that on your view control the rear, not the front view is active? Improbable because the problem appeared after your poseball-crash I guess, but can´t hurt to check quick before doing clean viewer re-installs.
  19. Perrie Juran wrote: Well, I'd also read once that they had lost the password to the highest tier of "God Mode." In other words, there isn't anyone in the Ivory Tower any more. I heard they just hadn´t noticed they deactivated their num pad, and thus only thought they lost their pass'word', when '578' didn´t work.
  20. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: First of all, for obvious reasons, I only visit class 8 sims. Hence my mistake. Now, don't trust people who aren't able to connect the dots, not even if they have a last name. Ben Greenstein and Manfred Rozemblum did a more trustworthy inventory: Breakdown of Host Server Classes by Ownership: Estate - Class 5: 0 Estate - Class 6: 0 Estate - Class 7: 0 Estate - Class 8: 18432.43 Linden - Class 5: 5416 Linden - Class 6: 231 Linden - Class 7: 92 Linden - Class 8: 12.57 As you can see, landbarons get class 8 sims, as they should. The class 5 mainland and test servers should have been updated by now, but LL lost track of their physical location. The Lindens responsible for these machines were layed off in 2008. The class 6 servers are all mainland sims, abandoned by their residents before or in 2009. Some are subdivided and filled with sparkly objects by the governance team. It is not allowed to rezz or wear any mesh there. The class 7 servers were a premium gift, for christmas 2014, to the 92 paying customers at the time. The class 8 servers, only made available to land barons, are currently under attack by some red bannered mob. It baffles me how they ended up on mainland, since only paying avatars can have land there. Only peasant infiltration into the most sacred of LL circles can explain this phenomenon.* These would be the Linden moles one sometimes hears whispers about I assume. * One other plausible explanation is the secret service** maintaining these sims, using them to guide newcomers away from the rest of mainland. ** Does the abbreviation for secret service ring a bell?*** *** No not that one! You almost had me with that until 'but LL lost track of their physical location.' The rest is completely plausible, but who on second earth or this forum would believe something like that of LL.
  21. Hi Cass. You have to save that xml-file yourself, it´s not being saved automatically, like e.g. your IM logs or settings. Assuming you use the Linden Lab viewer (the default viewer): If you haven´t activated the 'Develop' - menu, do that in your viewer Preferences. There you can also see where on your PC the SecondlLife viewer files get saved (and change it, if wanted).  Click the 'Develop'-menu and move your mouse to this, that should save your shape to XML:  Then you should find your file in the location you saw in your Preference-menu, unless you changed the default, that would be something like: C:\Users\YourWindows-Username\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\logs\Casanovarose96_s_NumberOfFileYouSaved.xml  That only works with a shape you have full permissions for though, you can only export your shape if you made it yourself or bought it full permissions. If it´s a bought shape, chances are it´s not full permissions, you can check by finding the shape in your inventory and rightclick it, then click 'Properties, it´s only full perm, if all 3 fields are checked for 'You can...'  I´m not sure what you mean with the same goes for blender, any folders you actively downloaded should be in your usual windows-download-folder, unless you designated a different place to download things to. You have to extract your downloaded add-on in your blender-folder, which is something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.71\scripts\addons, then enable the add-on in your blender user preferences, the add-on should then appear in Import/Export in blender. There is the Avastar add-on, it´s not free, but there is a lot of info on the site and you tube tutorials. http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/
  22. Dresden wrote: Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Aren't all sims class 8 by now? Some sims have no class at all. ...Dres If the grid is down next Sunday again because they need all the sockets for their Sansar-servers (never miss an opportunitiy for perpetuating unsubstantiated rumours) and you suddenly find yourself with some time to fill (has surnamless name and post count under 100K = in-world regularly), you could further your build-a-drama by giving decent hints on the 'some'. (Nah, scratch that, nobody has that much free time, not even the +100K-posts-forum-dwellers.)
  23. Dillon Levenque wrote: Dramaz? I don't hafta show you any stinkin' dramaz! [And, totally thread OOC] I find I can't really equal the fabulous level of intensity that everyone who's posted to this thread has maintained but it's been a complete and utter pleasure to read. I've really enjoyed it. I'm very sorry for having said something nice. I'll try not to do that again and if I do so I'll be sure not do it here. (Eyes Dillon warily and with raised eyebrow, looks from her IC-oneliner (I only play with multi-para-posters who have mesh hands!) to the current former Friday-thread´s title, to her one-liner forum signature, and back to her with an almost sympathetic look.)
  24. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Aren't all sims class 8 by now? That´s what they want us to think of course. BUT according to Tyche Shepherd's (Thank you, Tyche for your work, I´m not on that other forum, but reading your data regularly.) last survey (from 01-31-2016): Breakdown of Host Server Classes by Ownership: Estate - Class 5: 350 Estate - Class 7: 8106 Estate - Class 8: 7680 Estate - Class Unknown: 1564 Linden - Class 5: 16 Linden - Class 7: 1283 Linden - Class 8: 5564 Linden - Class Unknown: 231 Let me analyze the data for The Party: Estate - Class 5: 350 - they assign class 5 sims to nobility-critical folk Estate - Class 7: 8106 - your average neighbourhood sims Estate - Class 8: 7680 - sims that belong to the big barons and have all kind of backdoor deals built in, 'Class 8' is just the tip of the iceberg as everyone knows Estate - Class Unknown: 1564 Linden - Class 5 : 16 - help-islands, aditi etc. sims that are open to the public and assigned Class 5 to make them as bad an experience as possible, so people won´t be as reluctant to try Sansar, when the time comes Linden - Class 7 : 1283 - your average Linden sims Estate - Class 8 : 5564 - sims that are given away for free to close and distant relatives, friends and pets of Lindens Linden - Class Unknown: 231 Now, Estate - Class Unknown seems weird on first sight of course, but if we take into account that there are Class 5, 7, 8 sims, and we know that LL, whatever else many have to say about them (while still insisting on using their non-existant services), are good with numbers (numbers - money!) and surely know of the existence of the number 6, we are supposed to think that they, in an effort to hide the 'Class 6' <wink smilie> sims, they simply call them Class Unknown- sims. BUT that couldn´t be further from the truth, obviously (6 sells) they´d give the highest Class sims, that would be Class 9 - sims to the ones that would operate Class 6 sims, if those existed, (further hint: 6 / 9...69...you know, of course they have a bunch of illuminati in their top team and those love to afflict meaning to numbers). That clearly means that the Class Unknown - sims in truth are highest priority and stability Class 69 - sims. Unless my other theory is valid, which is that they outsourced the Class 6 - sims into the darknet, and the Class Unknown - sims are simply normal use but high performance and stability for special circle people - sims. To illustrate with an example: Laskya, as the OP of this thread and leader of The Party, wants to buy a sim. They check Laskya and alts, probably with administrative assistance of NSA, Microsoft, Autodesk and Adobe, for her credibility and creditability, and if Laskya had been very smart about all internet related things, they´d pass over a Class 7 - sim (they always forget that they have a forum on their check-list for checks). If Laskya had a lot of credibility (i.e. they think Laskya would sign a NDA, plus a lot of creditability, they´d make a special offer for a multiple Class 8 - sims deal. If they found out Laskya has 'special needs', they´d make an offer for one or more Class Unknown - sims. But if Laskya has forum or in-world enemies who are rats, or someone fears the sim´s competetion and are rats, or a forum troll employee notices the thread and is a rat, or a forum griefer does it just for teh lulz, or an employee clicks the forum section instead of the blog section accidentally and notices this thread, they give out a Class 5 sim. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: It just came to my attention that we can't be helpful over here. So tough luck! Yes, you´re right there, though I think it may be allowed to help someone with info, as long as one makes sure they are presented and will feel like the last dumbo to the rest of the forum with one´s helpful post, that seems to be a rule that´s valid for ~95% of all threads too, btw. Then they either leave the forum and SL, or will post back and there will be drama and strife throughout the thread-community, so that seems to serve the spirit at least if not the words of the thread TOS. (edited - typos and added date of Tyche's survey)
  25. Thank you. I´ll put some thought in how to achieve what I want with triangle size in mind, shouldn´t be too hard to get to many big ones for the cityscape, landscape more so.
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