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  1. Qie Niangao Omigosh I think that worked!!!! :catvery-happy: Lets see if this maybe solves my texture loading issues Thaaank you soo much *Kisses and hugs form Norway to wherever you are*
  2. Before start I would just like to say that I am very new to SSL, so I apologize if some of these questions might seem a bit weird/odd CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz (3500.09 MHz) Memory: 16335 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 780/PCIe/SSE2 As you can see it should be good enough to run SSL on high settings, in addition to that I have 100Mbit up and down connection, so that should be sufficient as well I think. My issue is that the SSL Viewer is that the character and environment textures takes soo long(10minutes) to fully load, even on medium/ high graphic settings. Here is the graphic settings I am currently running at https://imageshack.com/a/img515/9955/v7oc.jpg As you can see on that image, my settings are fairly low and you can also notice that some of my graphical options are greyed out (check boxes on the left) So I am just going to ask, since my knowledge about SSL and hardware is fairly limited. Is my computer just not good enough? Or is it normal to have these kind of load times? I also noted that when I tried to search for help under the help tab of the viewer, I saw this line under Help>About Second life: Windows Graphics Driver Version: 9.18.0013.2049 So deleted and reinstalled my graphic drivers but this doesn't change. Shouldn't it show up as Nvidia drivers and not Windows? Again I am sorry for all the questions but I would really want to know what is causing my texture loading times to be so horrible.
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