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  1. PLEASE HELPPPP! I can not access my land and there are ban lines around it. It is telling me that my group I deeded it to is not there. I deeded it to a group, however that group isn't showing anymore and I can't even get onto my land. No one else is in the group because I just created it a few days ago to use for this land. People who are allowed access can access it but I can't, there are ban lines around and I can't enter. Have not been lucky in trying to relog, reinstall, etc. It's so freaking frustrating!
  2. I log in (relogged and relogged) and am immediately sent to my neighbor's land, I saw ban lines around my own and when I tried to go into my area or go home I couldn't. I checked my groups (my land is deeded to my group and is group only) the group was gone. I can't even get onto my own land. I use Firestorm and am trying to uninstall and reinstall but not sure if that has anything to do with it. I messaged the land owner but they aren't around. Any ideas?
  3. I've come across quite a few "stores" that have obviously stolen items such as skins and shapes and other things from well known stores and some of the things stolen have been from my friend's stores and it's quite frustrating and upsetting. What my main question here is, when you go to flag something on MP how do you do so for obvious stolen goods? There's options that aren't clear as to how it should be flagged. Yet there is a warning TO US that states: Before reporting a listing, please review the Second Life Marketplace Listing Guidelines. Abusing this feature is a violation of the Community Standards -- so don’t do it. Ok... but how do we go about reporting it correctly? Why is there no theft option? And what exactly does "Gaming Policy" mean, in those options?
  4. Ahh, I see. Well if we have to do one person, then we will and split the amount by percent. I take it there is an option when creating the store. I've created stores alone before but this is the first group endevour I've tried so I am not so sure about how to go about that. Thanks so much for your response, Pamela. Much appreciated!
  5. My friend and I want to do a store together. We're working on items for an inworld store but we want to put them on marketplace. My question is, will only one of use be able to do so or is there an option on MP to allow two sellers/merchants? If so please let me know. We're very frustrated at the moment and seemingly we will only be able to sell inworld if this isn't possible. Thanks in advance.
  6. Anyone else experience the issue of when you go on the actual site and go to your dashboard, that nothing loads in regards to Friend's list, Linden Exchange and groups? All I see is a circle going round and round and it won't let me buy linden, or see any information. I have tried clearing my history. Signing back in and out again. And nothing. It's frustrating because I want to buy linden! This has been an issue for me on and off through out my week every week for about a month now!
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