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  1. I am not charging anything for the sim. There is a 100 usd transfer fee from LL that will be required but that is it. This sim is NOT yet grandfathered but can be if you so choose. The last tier was paid on April 11th. It is a full 30000 prim region. It is available immediately so if you are interested please act quickly by either responding to this message or email me at zzoie.zee@gmail.com Thank you!
  2. Sadly I am going to have to leave SL for RL reasons. I have a private region that is available and I am not asking for any payment other than the 100 usd LL charges to rename and relocate, and transfer the land to a new owner. Last tier was paid on April 10th. Please either reply to this post or email me at zzoie.zee@gmail.com if you are interested. THANKS!
  3. Full region, zenshi southeast for sale. Tier is due again August 20th to LL. Fee: 150 US Dollars plus 150 Transfer Fees. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/zenshi%20southeast/146/114/25 All inquires can go to zzoiezee.
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