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  1. Hi guys I'm hoping I can get a little help here, I'm running a quad core AMD pc but it was working really well on Second Life but I need a better understanding to choose a new computer .
  2. With this 62 layer limit on BoM is that meant mainly for omega and applier added layers , we are limited to 38 wearables classic tattoos and such those are counted against the wearable 38 limit ,,, Will this ever change or be expanded ?
  3. This was about a year ago , I said to myself What do I need this for ,I never use it so I abandoned my original LL home ,then a couple years went by I thought it would be nice to have a secluded place so I found out I could get another one , this is where I was asking hot to find it .
  4. I still scratch my head and wonder about the developers at LL of their viewer . Most of my friends in SL use Firestorm . I prefer Firestorm because it allows you to use different UI's and for me the ui is more logical and has more customization . One thing I do like about the LL viewer is it's graphics . This 64 bit version is faster .
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