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  1. Are regions actually crashing/momentarily going offline now? or is it the same login / being logged out issue.
  2. That is the story word for word from a Linden as to why they would not rollback, however after day 5 they finally resolved the issue.
  3. Prior to the sim being down, we have a large playerbase which had many things rezzed. The bracelet was just an example of what could be any item and how the entire gacha industry is a scam. Been down the 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th. Lot of L being sunken into a broken sim. It's not the matter of having to rebuild, it's the matter of the sim is none functional all for the protection of gacha nonsense. Problem is they won't grant a rollback BillyJo since those psuedo-rare scams are more important to LL. The sim is essentially broken until they do. EDIT: Resolved.
  4. How is it that Linden Labs is now refusing to do rollbacks (due to griefing) because they want to protect people who shove items into a machine and make up that they're somehow rare? My sims been down for almost a week now because they refuse to just roll it back. I've put hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work into the sim and thousands of dollars. So why is someone who spends a half an hour making a bracelet then another 10 mins giving it a few different textures, deciding "OH THIS ONES SO RARE BECAUSE.." prioritized? This is a broken system, it's not my fault that they haven't closed exploits that allow griefers to ruin a sim, and it's not my fault that their program allows for the duplication of no copy objects through this method. This is the message we get over it. "I'm sorry to hear about what happened in the [REDACTED]. We evaluate rollback requests on a case-by-case basis. One of the things we have to carefully check is the potential number of no-copy objects that would be duplicated in a rollback. It's a balancing act between the needs of property owners and the rights of content creators. In this case, we've identified too many high-value items which would be duplicated by restoring the region to an earlier state. Since rollbacks are not an official service we provide, we must act in this case to protect the content creator's interests by denying the request. We are sorry for any inconvenience our decision may cause you."
  5. Separate issues. Issue 1 was a query involving why numbers seemed off, nothing to do with grief. The second one you posted was the first really seeking help with a grief. The third was a grief situation that had gotten out of control to the point there were blackmail attempts which the Lindens did help with. This last one (this one) was trying to figure out what was happening as there is not currently a griefing tool that I know of which causes this effect which is why I phrased it as a question. We did find the cause and let the Lindens know as it is something that could be exploited as a grief (in this case the occurrence was accidental). So this issue was resolved. I've run a fairly active roleplay sim for several years. Any -active- RP sim that last more than a couple of years tends to develop some enemies, whether these enemies create drama or grief varies from sim to sim but it always happens eventually if you meet that criteria. Even today as we I write this I had 70% of the sim returned due to griefing but I know exactly what happened so i don't need to open a new thread on it to try to figure it out. So this "Munchhausen" comment is fairly ignorant.
  6. I have a sim. This morning had an incident where dilation dropped to 0, FPS to 1-5. Any estate tools such as restart and viewing grips were/are unresponsive. The sim has remained like this for over an hour, eventually crashing my firestorm account but one text based account is still logged into it. I cannot TP into it or log onto it so I cannot restart,etc. It's just stuck in this frozen state. Before my firestorm crashed I did take these https://gyazo.com/c46a76f526d00a5a9a97cb7da7c5ba38 https://gyazo.com/348bcbfd4b620f4ac445b9274fcf0695 So it's been hours and I can't get on my sim at all. I am unsure if this is some error or a grief, if anyone can shed any light on it, it would be appreciated as I have no clue as to the root of the problem and even if LL reboots the sim I have concerns it will happen again (my sim has had long-term issues with griefers)
  7. Which support option? As I do not see one for something like this.
  8. On a sim I co-own with several others (Fourth Dimension) we've recieved night after night of griefing. We've tried turning rezz off, turning scripts off, nothing has been effective. We've had the sim for around 4 years now so this is not our first time having to deal with griefers. They're using some kind of attachment in which they can create a new script that exploits some loophole to force the sim into a soft reboot. The griefer has used over twenty accounts of various ages (yes we've tried an age kicker too) to crash the sim nearly 30 times in 3 days and has threatened to do more if we do not pay his ransom demands. The extortion attempt was done through Skype however so I can't really use that in an AR. What I'd ask is that LL checks the log of crashes maybe if there is some method to keep this person off of our sim? I know he uses a VPN so that may complicate things.. We're in desperate need of help as we are considering closing our sim over the attacks as our roleplayers and constantly having their games interupted by these crashes to the point several have quit out of frustration. Our estate owner has filed a report and many of our sim players have filed reports.. but we're essentially under siege with few options left. We are begging for help here LL, please help us.. we're just a bunch of roleplayers trying to have fun and have enjoyed your platform for many years, it breaks my heart to think it may end like this.
  9. Have been having an issue with a griefer whose found a way to disconnect the entire sim. Have already shut off object entry and build for none group members, have also installed an age kicker as the griefer seems to have many alts. Have reported the issue but there is little proof of it as we do not have the technology as it's some form of exploit that LL likely needs to fix. Is there anything else I can do to protect the sim? It's on a near daily basis that this occurs.
  10. Today have noticed pretty much every sim has around half the traffic it would usually acquire. The one I was on all day had a good 30+ people on it for the most part yet it's traffic was only 20K when it is normally 35-45K. Is this some kind of grid wide bug for today? or has Second Life changed it's traffic system
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