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  1. Just to let people know, I also rented Herkja, which neighbors Rollo. So the waterways around that are open as well. I've put some houses up there for rent for those interested in helping keep the sims open, but also need a place to live and rez their boats.
  2. Just to let others know, I rented the Rollo sim and opened the channel so people can sail from Nautilus to Corsica. I'm also offering some mooring rentals and will add more as needed. I called the place Rollo Channel but can't change the sim description Recently, I sailed my way from Rollo to Corsica, up the little twisty channel (can't remember the extact name), around the upper north west of Corsica, and all the way around to the passage between Corsica and Gaeta. The way around Corsica is a bit tricky in some areas, but definitely doable in my Loonetta. Planning on circling Gaeta if I can.
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