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  1. I have seen persons who say that they are going to get lindens in the same game across a work or simply to obtain, but I do not know like exactly ... because ... how is work obtained? And that it is necessary to to do, I have never worked in second life and let's say that it would be a noob in this sense, and 2), I have seen that also they say that there are obtained or get a few crystals that they give lindens, but I have never known since it is done. how can i get lindens in the game?
  2. thank you so much!!! It me worked what you said to me nowadays i use: xchange4ls does not ask inormation of card, only it counts paypal and is cheap as Lindex and without interest, now if I will be able to buy lindens whenever it wants.
  3. My account of paypal is already verified with the direction neighborhood of house, I number and ZIP code. The problem is that on having selected the option that i mention of all forms equally he asks me: to associate a new card of debit or credit to realize an instantaneous payment with the number of card and date of maturity (principal information of card) and I don't have a.
  4. Thank you, I will verify if one of these options in: Linden Dollar (L$) Authorized Reseller Program, to be able to buy lindens correctly and not to have significant problems.
  5. I have a paypal account with money but i don't have a credit card, the money that I have in my account, other persons they have paid it to me via internet or have sent me to my paypal account without a credit card. And a little time it wanted to buy money of the game with the option adding an account of paypal, but I realize that on having done it, also he asks necessarily for principal information of a card, for example, the numbers digits that the card has and the date of maturity. Thing that I do not have card but only an account of paypal. My question is ... there is some way of buying Linden Dollars without he asks for this information of card? only to select the mail and the password of paypal and I list. without ask for information of card. (Into my opinion they should change this method on having bought money of the game. Because there are two options to putting, one who says: " Adds a credit card ... " and other one: " Adds an account of paypal ... " they are two different options because in one just it is the account of paypal and other one is the credit card with all his information.)
  6. I would like to know the exact quantity of the prices, or rather of one Linden dollar (L$) of the game, to buy objects across my account of debit, but I am insecure of buying something that is very expensive to assume it in real life, because it can spend all the money How much costs one Linden dollar (L$) to a dollar? (USD) for example: 1950 L$ in dollar is = ? . 1 L$ in dollar (USD) is = ? Thanks.
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