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  1. hee, i hope to see you all on sl , so if you see a small white or red fox with the name "little claudia" that would be me!
  2. i wish you luck with your machinama
  3. my brother is better at it then me but if i was to film machinama could anyone tell me what is a good program to use for filming? really i could use some help from you pros, hehe. thank you. :smileyembarrassed:
  4. nice to read your post and meet you!
  5. i didnt want you to think i was an annoying noob, that is why i said that. i know not all noobs are annoying or burdensome i just wont be like that to anyone, is what i am trying to say. i'm as i said, kinda shy. i mean no offense to anyone.. and i am sorry for any confusion.
  6. Um.. I haven't really met many so far and I hope I didn't intimidate you... I just wanted to be polite.
  7. nekos are the best! i am not a neko but i am a foxie shapeshifter that respects them
  8. i've bee playing for a week now and i really like this game.. (i've only met with only two jerks, but i wont let that get me down) but yes, it is very nice to meet you, i'm pretty shy but i am a little foxie, i guess i am a furry but i wont ever annoy anyone or be a burden, i am sort of quiet and out of the way as i mentioned but i am very friendly. and i hope to meet you all in game.
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