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  1. Madeline Blackbart wrote: ow a little butthurt? We were only trying to help. since that's the typical reason you can't agree is because you don't realize you have to scroll. How are we supposed to know that's not it? you didn't say it wasn't loading. Sorry we can't read minds. Have a nice day
  2. Frawmusl wrote: Well gosh darnet billyjean I am glad we could help! No one in this town is left out of our darn sweet honeysuckle community now are they! ; )) thank you@
  3. Although I appreciate your awesomeness and helpfull ness, I can not agree because nothig loads. But wow such great suggestions. I mean such a silly head as myself would never think to think that of course. ; ) But, I rebooted my compter and all is well. but gosh I sure do appreciate your heartfelt help.
  4. I can not agree to the SL TOS when I try to sign on my avatar for the first time. How do I ? I use second life's viewer with materials and also firestorm as someone suggested to me to use. none do it. help me please.
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