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  1. Thanks found the perfect designer for the store , mysteriousdots . lol not even sure how to respond to that.......... got nothing
  2. looking to finish a region for my main store and we need a designer! Beach Theme , Person must be able to make a RAW file of completed land shape/ texture, would like you to supply all trees / bushes etc. And Work Within Our Vision Contact Useing notecard ingame please
  4. hello, scripter needed to take over project and rework some scripts and create new ones for my projects. reply by notecard inworld for interview..
  5. Blender Modeler Needed To Correct model issues found, Also to create new models and textures , Can Provide All Files Needed Please Send Me a notecard in world. This is long term employment for the right person! Full Details and further information will be provided at time of inquiry ..
  6. 5000 prim homestead for rent or for sale.. weekly rental is 6000 lindens to buy 200.00 i pay all transfer fees, if purchased must be renamed and moved please hit me up inworld ! Full estate rights , and can be re-rated
  7. Photoshop Or Gimp Artist Needed To Assist With Heavy Work Load For My Products.: To Make Custom Textures For My Meshes Based From Real Life Photos! I Will Provide All U'v 's , And In Most Cases Photo's Of The Work Along With Instructions Of Whats Needed For That Job PSD files Will Be Provided For The Base Mesh ,( has A Guide) All Other Textures Will Follow This Texture Format. You Will Be Creating New Textures Of The Base You Will Be Asked To Provide A Example Of Your Skill Before You Will Be Asked To Join The Team Please Contact Me via Notecard In World NO IM'S Please , Along With A Sample Of Your Work! If You Have One Payment Is Per Texture
  8. well i get to region capabilities and it stops.... they need more gerbals i think
  9. i is in and yes the bots have been useing my stuffs.........
  10. well customer support cant get online either........
  11. maybe the GERBELS went on strike and they have to go to petsmart to get new ones??
  12. hello, i have a homestead and for some reason people cant tp to a landmark i make for them. they often land on the region next door ( i own that has well) all settings are properly set teleport is set to anywhere. etc. a error is givin has no place to land in that destination . it works fine for me others takes a few trys to make it.. any ideas on this problem?
  13. sculpt creator needed for several projects, must be able to provide uv maps for the work. the projects are of the landscaping type . rocks, craigs, etc. send me a notecard inworld for more detailed information. wolfe
  14. hello, looking for a scripter to make a texture animation script. please hit me up in world for details
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