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  1. I can not install the VMM Viewer. On install it hangs up on 1 exe file and 4 .dll files. If i try ignore when I try to log in the Viewer hangs up at Loading World....and never completely logs in. I have tried repeated dowloads and clean installs with same result. The only Second life Viewer that will log in for me is a 3.7 older version. I am using Windows 8.1 and wondering if there is some incompatibility or if i might be able to get these files that are not downloading correctly sent to me somehow? This is a Crisis as I can not list any breedables on marketplace and the prices are very time-sensitive with new traits. These are the files that are giving error messages when I download the new Second Life Viewers including the Version (VMMViewer ) .... C;\ProgramFile(x86)\SecondLifeViewer\win_crash_logger.exe C;\ProgramFile(x86)\SecondLifeViewer\ssleay32.dll C;\ProgramFile(x86)\SecondLifeViewer\msvcr120.dll C;\ProgramFile(x86)\SecondLifeViewer\mcvcp120.dll C;\ProgramFile(x86)\SecondLifeViewer\libeay32.dll It seems I must install this newwr Viewer Managed Marketplace Version for Second Life in order to list products now. Any help or advice on how to do this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks UPDATE on VMM PROBLEM ADDED 08/01/15.... Finally got the VMM Viewer installed (the newest version had been added to site for download instead of SL doing an update to get to it) and it worked. No errors and I am able to login. (I did not have to do the steps outllined in the ANSWER message but ty for responding) I am able to power up the VMM Viewer HOWEVER... I am still unable to use the Viewer as it keeps crashing on me as soon as I open up the Marketplace box and my Inventory. I read somewhere that having a LARGE SL inventory causes problems (Mine is approx 115k on the main avatar) So I tried using my alt who has almost NO inventory and was able to log in on the VMM and open the MP box and inventory. Now the problem is that I have my store and my already migrated (by SL) breedables on the MAIN AVATAR name which will not function with the VMM Viewer (possibly because of my large inventory). NEW UPDATE 08/01/15 3:46 pm Just tried to logon with the VMM Viewer on main avatar and we are back to Loading World............... Which never loads and log in never completes. Tried multiple times. WAS able to log in with my alt and move around easily with the new viewer so I do not think it is the download at this point. I believe it has to do with my large inventory on my main avatar possibly. I could start a NEW store for my Alt and try to use the VMM Marketplace that way but what about the 250 breedables already migrated over by Second Life to my main avatar??? Frankly this new VMM Viewer does not seem to me to be completely READY for the average seller on marketplace........... It's a NITEMARE!!! Still unable to use the VMM Viewer with my main avatar....Any solutions to THIS problem? Thanking you in advance. ~SavageR0SE
  2. During the last 2 days my breedables in the Xstreet box have UNsynced themselves after being listed just and showing just fine. And now I can NOT get them to sync back up with Marketplace. I thought perhaps it had to do with this Migration change over but I am just guessing. I tried to download the VMM viewew to see if I could figure out the Migration technique and maybe get my inventory listed that way but I can NOT get the viewer to log in! On install there wer 4-5 .dlll files with errors which i said to ignore. I also went back and took out all second life viewers and tried a clean install. Same result. It hangs up when attempting to log in at Loading world........ And it will not sign in. I can get online to Second life with the Firestorm viewer just fine. I wonder if the VMM viewer is compatible with windows 8.1 or is it the missing .dll files or what?? I do not even know if getting the VMM viewer to llog in will help solve my missing breedables listings.And some of the latest listings are VERY time sensitive with prices. ugh. If it takes weeks to solve this..... my item are worth so much less. :((((( If I sound frantic......well I am! lol If you can help on either of these issues or even know if they are connected... via im or email, I would be grateful. Thank you, SavageR0SE Resident (Copy and paste it as there is zero in Rose) email - awildrose2u@yahoo.com
  3. Is the VMM Second liife viewer compatible with windows 8.1? I downloaded this new viewer for windows but had 4-5 error messages about .dll files and i can NOT get this viewer to even sign on. I even took out all past second life viewers and tried a clean install. It hangs up when trying to log in at Loading world.......... What do i do? Pls im me (or email awildrose2u@yahoo.com) if you have a solution. I can get on Second LIfe with Firestorm just fine. The reason I am frantic is suddenly 1/2 of my breedables inventory in my Xstreet box is not synced up with marketplace.... This happened during the last 2 days. I think it may have something to do with this Migration. It was there just fine, all in sync....and then they weren't! Some of these breedables are very very time sensitive with sales prices? What a mess! I was trying to get the VMM viewer up to see if I could resolve the issue that way. SavageR0SE Resident
  4. I moved yesterday and picked up the Xstreet magic box and moved it to my new land. Now i find that when I reset the box and it says its has online communications there is NOTHING in the contents. All my breedables (100's which are showing as listed still) are not in hte box. These are no copy items. How do i get my Xstreet box to work again or how do i get my breedables back to my inventory?????????????
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