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  1. I agree 100% with Scottie... sure be naked but don't have attached things that shouldn't be attached if they are scripted for sexual encounters. And no one here is causing drama but maybe we are looking to be educated or maybe understand the LL TOS regarding this. But if someone is going to engage me without asking me questions as to why but wanna throw me under the bus then that's not cool. And thanks for your answer Hunter
  2. excuse me Mr. Ahole. I happen to have a SL family and I took my SL kids there thinking it was a safe place.. So why don't you get your ego out of your ass and go kick rocks before accusing me of something you know nothing about. How about maybe asking questions instead of popping off to people making yourself look stupid. I just joined the conversation because there is an obvious problem is secondlife and a huge loop hole that needs to be address by LL. Now if you cant add anything intelligent to the conversation like facts or some kind of explanation as to why you stand by your, "you're wrong" answer then please stop trolling.
  3. LL writes it clear you cant get around it and I quote :::the placement of avatars appearing to represent minors in proximity to "sex beds" or other sexualized graphics, objects(Attached C*cks, and V*ginas), or scripts would violate our Community Standards the placement of avatars appearing to represent minors (meaning child like avatars) in proximity ( which means near or close) to sex bed or other sexualized graphics ( meaning pictures, could mean other naked avatars in the adult form) objects ( meaning genitals, chairs, beds, couches, that have sexual scripted scripts in them allowing for the use of sexual behavior) So if a man is standing next to a child avatar with his ***** out then yes that person is in violation of LL for proximity of a avatar representing a minor. Because the ***** itself is a sexual object that is scripted... there isn't any other way to look at it. Soft or Hard its still a ***** and is used for sexual acts. Therefor just like in RL its illegal for exposure to a minor and should be reported. And for those that have family nude beaches.... shame on you... you are Catering to those looking to fulfill some sick desire of having sex with a minor. I know first hand I have been there and seen what goes on. I have been personally hit on by avatars representing very young either teen or child avatars... both male and yes females... promoting the fact they are looking for mommy and daddy with sick groups attached to their profiles. LL needs to stop having double standards with it comes to their TOS. either enforce it 100% including all regions across the grid... or don't enforce it at all
  4. He's probably saying you're wrong because he goes there
  5. I disagree, not everyone in SL is a photographer. Sure anyone can point and click and take a snapshot but that doesn't make you a photographer. So instead of asking a photographer what sets them apart then why not just ask them for their portfolio and see for yourself. You either like a persons work or not.
  6. Jades Land Assosiation ** FOR SALE ** 17,344 S.Q.M 3,969 Prims Price 30k low lag commercail class for sale Contact Jenluvhewitt Resident or SidneeFoxglove for more info http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phlarzo/201/34/25 Peice of land surround by water on all three sides, plenty of prims and plenty of land to do just about anything you want. Contact us for more details or follow the link to see the land. If you wish to purchase and have question please contact us, if you don't and know what your doing as far as buying land then go ahead and make the purchace without contacting me. Enjoy :)
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