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  1. Popular Alaskan School Training Eskimo's....ASTRO
  2. Dark..not for the faint of heart...“Eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”
  3. Cookies Really Are Not Enough.....APPLE
  4. Bus Ride Around New Destinations...SUPER
  5. Bought Ripe Avocado So Soft....TEETH
  6. Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Desert.
  7. Blueberries on Waffles Lightly Sweetened.....TOAST
  8. Quite Unusual Overlooking That Error... TEASE
  9. Sailing In Linden Lab's Yacht😀 ... TEASE
  10. Reset your avvie to default Advanced Menu >>Character>>Character Tests >> Test Male (or Female) or Developers Menu (ctrl alt Q)>>Avatar>>Character Tests>>Test Male (or Female) Depending which viewer you are on. Then log out then log back in after leaving your internet modem unplugged 5 minutes
  11. Beth you've made some good points about the equality issue, good seeing it brought to attention. hopefully governance can help.
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