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  1. Saddles Canyon Country Retreat has under gone a new remodel of the fantastic venue as we all know it to be. It was recently remodeled for this upcoming season. Who are we? Saddles is a Second Life venue featuring live, interactive, and engaging entertainment. We have some of the hottest DJ’s, Live Performers, Concerts in the virtual world, remote events with our partners at SL ENT Radio, Horse Back Riding, Romantic areas, this group is open to everyone we host and support others as well do charity events for RLF, HFT, and so much more! Things around the venue to expl
  2. Peacock Nation is the home of three wonderful venues. Peacock Country, Peacock Lounge, Peacock Rock 3X the entertainment at one amazing Aussie theme venue. Our venues offer DJ's & Host a positive clean well maintain venue to come perform there 2 hour slots, Owners of Peacock Nation provided our members with a daily line up of your events. Set up events to promote the venue, to new guest in hopes to bring them into our group in hopes they will want to attend your events as a dj' and/or host. We invite you to come by search in world for Peacock Country, Peacock Lounge, Coming soon
  3. Ashely's Oasis is hiring DJ's & Hosts 8am -8 pm seven days a week We are located on a moderate sim with no Nudity allowed. A place for people who love to have a good "FUN" time,. Be it rocking out to awesome tunes of all genre or just hanging out. DJ's: - Have Experience - Your own stream - Voice - Reliable & a team player - Must be able to post sl events (will train) - 100% Tips HOSTS/ ESS: - Experienced - Reliable & a team player - Can keep local chat rolling - Must be able to post sl events (will train) - 100% Tips Please contact Member of Management or applicatio
  4. Do you want a place to start your business? A place to extend your shop branches? Here, at Ashley's Oasis we provide shops dictated for you to display your items to the audience with a beautiful view that overlooks the waterfall. Hurry and reserve your own shop!!! ASHLEY'S OASIS SHOPPING MALL HAS A NEW HOME ON ASHLEYS OASIS REGION. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ASHLEYS%20OASIS/155/191/24 THE SAME LOW PRICES 20SQ WITH 120 PRIMS. IT'S FOR 200L$ WEEK EACH.
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