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  1. Hello Moz, I'm new here (about a week) and have spent more time on the forums than in world so don't have any friends but my RL sister. We went shopping for free stuff one day, very tedious and time consuming process IMO. In RL I buy stuff off the internet cause I hate shopping. I don't know why anyone would want to spend time shopping in a virtual world. (Sorry about the rant.) Anyway I'll be your friend and would love to hang or IM with you and others who responded to your thread. Maybe we can form an informal group and pick a spot to hang when we are not busy doing other stuff.
  2. Thank you Carole, Theresa and Madeline. Much appreciated.
  3. Thank you so much for your excellent explaination that even I, a newbie, could understand.
  4. Kelli May wrote: Read a freebie hunter's blog like FabFree. I've found a lot of amazing free skins and clothes on there. Even if you plan to buy full-price skins later, you'll get an idea of what's available and whose style you like. They also have a store with more freebies collected at the same location. For shapes, try Penny's Vitruvian shape package or even the Standard Sizing Package as a base if you fancy experimenting with your own shapes. They're all full-perm and free so you can make back up copies. I don't buy shapes so I can't recommend the best, although I hear that Tuty's ar
  5. Bree Giffen wrote: Here's an old avatar of mine. Her hair is ETD and her skin is from Mother Goose. The shape is something I made up. Are you looking for redder hair? Or more brown? Lighter or darker skin? Bigger breasts? ... Thank you. I will visit your store when I get some L$s. Your Avater is more what I had in mind than the generic one I have now. I want one a little broader/bigger but her hair, skin and breasts are about right.
  6. I am new (less than a week) and while I wait for my account to be funded I am reasearching shapes, skins and hair for my avi. Can anyone recommend a large breasted shape (but not grotesquely big), a pale skin and redish brown, long or medium length hair. Thanks
  7. Spencer, Thanks for the elaboration of what you expect. Although I am a competent swimmer I don't generally jump into the deep end. See me now dogpaddling frantically for the side of the pool. I think I'll get my feet wet down at the shallow end. Good luck with your search.
  8. spencergaddams wrote: Me: Male roleplayer searching for genuine chemistry. No out of character relationship. Basic respect and courtesy interacting with you is a given. Mutually enjoyable scenes and aftercare are important. Schedule is flexible. Time zone, SL time. I mix one liners, semi-paragraphs, and full paragraphs. See picks for character. You sound too good to be true and your avi is hot. (I don't understand that last sentence.) You: Female roleplayer. Expects nothing but rp. Gets a thrill portraying a sexually inexperienced adult woman that knows her value. Soft and feminine,
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