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  1. valerie Inshan wrote:

    Good morning Hippie, Maddy, Lia, Studio and all! Hope you're all safe and warm! Found this photo on a French newspaper's website today: you're not dreaming, this is Florida!!!! Warm hugs guys!


    Citrus growers in Florida will sometimes spray misty water on their orchards when a light freeze is predicted to help prevent the fruit from freezing.  Looks like it got much colder than a light freeze.  Hope the cold weather is past by the time I get back home to northern Florida next week.  Of course that means I'll have to get off my lazy butt and start waking again. :smileyhappy:

  2. JaedenDelanaire wrote:


    On the discussion topic, it occurred to me within the last five seconds that the question could be taken to a real world level. In my local community I've met several transgender unidentified people, one or two women with all the feminine anatomy parts that unidentified strictly as male, and to whom it was important to be unidentified as a man--and many more men who wanted to be identified as young women. Sadly, I was always incapable of seeing them as the gender they desired to be taken as. Not that I wouldn't treat them and title them as such, but mentally I couldn't reconcile the visual impact of their person with what they were supposed to be.


     In RL, once I know something consciously I can't unknow it.  Even in a completely asexual situation knowing the real gender of a person can effect how I think of them and relate to them.

    Although I am a hetero female I was a tomboy growing up and have always felt more comfortable with males and typically male environments in work and recreation.  One of my vivid memories from childhood was when I was 3 or 4 and was playing with a truck in nursery school.  I little boy tried to take it away and when I wouldn't let him a teacher took it from me and gave it to him saying, "trucks are for little boys, why don't you go play dolls with the other little girls?"  When I went home that afternoon and complained how unfair it was and I didn't want to go back there my mother said after my birthday, which was coming up, I could decide whether I wanted to go back or not.  I chose not.  My Mom never forced any of us kids into gender specific roles.

    My Mom and I, an adult, went to visit my sister when she lived in a commune.  She introduced us to a child of about 10 who had a non-gender specific name who we both thought was a boy.  When my sister went off to do something the child and I were having a conversation and getting along great.  When I referred to her as him and found out she was a girl from another person who had entered the room I just continued on as if it didn't matter what gender they were.  And it didn't. She watched very carefully to see how I reacted to finding out she was a girl especially when my mother remarked on it.  When I ignored my Mom's remark and also her second comment on it, a look of co-conspirators passed between the little girl and I.  Even though the rapport between us developed when I thought she was a boy there was just a little extra feeling of camaraderie between us because of my experiences as a little girl.

  3. The reason for including what they considered "trigger" words such as bomb, communism, guns, etc was to flag messages so that the agencies monitoring would waste their time investigating completely irrelevant text.

    I do know that the FBI was monitoring the internet to investigate child pornography back in the early to mid 90's cause they investigated me.  I had become the system admin of our first Unix server back then.  I downloaded and installed a pgp server from a Scandinavian site cause it had better encryption than that legally available in the US.  I gather that a lot of child pornographers also used pgp servers/clients from that site.  The FBI traced my IP back to our network servers so they called and questioned our postmaster (he managed our mail server) about me.  Also when I was the hostmaster (managed out DNS server) I was contacted by the secret service about someone on our network who had left a threatening message on a whitehouse web page. So I do know various agencies where monitoring the internet and investigating some of what they found.


  4. For a brief time back in the late '90s I used to read a usenet newsgroup, I think it was misc.survivalism, where quite a few posters would include a sig file that contained lines of trigger words to mess with whatever government agency was capturing all the on-line text.  So this kind of surveillance has been going on for quite some time.  I guess the issue now is not that they are recording this data but that they are pursuing easier ways to tie it back to real people.

    Back then the FBI was using the data to crack down on child pornography.  That may be why SL is targeted now and why LL will cooperate.

  5. Pussycat Catnap wrote:


    A question you can ask a lot of people about their avatars... "hey um, how do you wipe yourself there...?"

    - most SL avatars can't reach the goods, front or back... which means if SL had 'smell', the place would reek pretty bad right now... 10 years of no wiping...


  6. I'm thinking about downgrading to a basic account since I haven't been in world more than 1 or 2 times in the last 3 months (too much other stuff going on).   As I understand it I need to:

    1. abandon land from in world

    2. change membership from my account page on the secondlife web site.

    Can I change the membership the day before the next billing cycle or what is the minimum amount of days notice I have to give?

  7. emmadavies1 wrote:


    I'm an Anthropologist, i'm currently conducting research around 'The Second Self'. Any replies to this question would be helpful! Why do you feel the need/want to create a new online identity? All answer will remain anonymous in my research, open to private emailing!

    This question is very vague and misleading.  What do you mean by the "second self"?  Do you mean an on-line identity?  If so do you mean only in second life or in other on-line social sites and/or MMOs?  Do you mean only alts or do you mean your main avatar also (or only)?

    Even if this question is explained maybe it would be better to include a list of reasons and have respondents check all that apply.  Have one reason listed as "other" for those reasons you didn't think of.  Then you would have some sort of quantitative data to go along with anecdotal comments.

  8. I don't make clothes so don't know all that is required but I have played Sims 3 where there is a lot of 3rd party (user created) clothes.  The mesh there is so much better than here in SL.  The clothes actually expand or contract when the figure wearing them expands or contracts. 




    Clothes can also be transparent (although not that obvious in the top in this picture because of the pattern I applied to it):



    Most 3rd party clothes are often free so it's good you are not interested in making money.

    Sims 4 is being worked on and will come out sometime in 2014 (I think).  Don't know how the clothing will differ.


  9. Thanks Maddy, I miss the snow too.  Looking out the window of a nice warm, snug house and seeing fresh snow blanketing everything is one of the joys of life, IMO.

    I used to live in Alaska, Fairbanks and the "bush", where it didn't snow much but once it did it usually stayed until the spring thaw.  I've lived other places in the US where the continual snow-freeze-melt-slush cycle wasn't as enjoyable.  So I guess I'm content to be in FL even though I just turned on the air conditioning today because the heat and the humidity has gotten so bad the last few days.

    Hope everyone is appreciating whatever weather they do have as best they can. 

  10. Actually I guess the group members could be invited to bare their souls, emotions or thoughts on the subjects being discussed so the name "bare with me" would still work.  Of course It could attract others whose mind instantly travels down the same path mine did.

  11. Sephina Frostbite wrote:

    So got a few dumb question so bare with me.. or is it bear.. honestly I am too tired to think right now. Anyways, I want to start a group chat of my own but I was wondering if you have to own a sim to do that. If not how does one start a group.. Thanks in advance for putting up with me.

    "Bear with me".  I got a chuckle out of what kind of group you were forming.  I was imagining all the group sitting around chatting in the nude.  If that is what you intend then "bare with me" would be a good play with the phrase and a clever name of the group.



  12. Tex Monday wrote:

     I do agree that different people are going to have different definitions on marriage in SL. But I do have to say that I think a lot of people who are partnered are not in roleplay situations, per se. ...

    I do not know how many people are married in SL in non-roleplaying situations and how many are in roleplaying sims or situations.  I'm just saying there is a difference.  The emotional commitment might not be the same so those doing the study should take that into consideration.

    In roleplay situations if a couple joins in as a married couple or goes through some sort of wedding ceremony consistent with the customs of the roleplay in that sim then I would consider them "married" even if they were not partnered on their profiles.  In the roleplaying situation the feelings between the couple might not be as intense so divorce or breakup might not have the same emotional consequences.  A couple in some roleplay may decided they should breakup for the storyline.   Their emotions will not be the same as someone who was in a committed relationship.


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