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  1. NealCrz wrote:


    Shot by Strawberry Singh

    Love this picture.  You look sexy beyond belief.


    TriteStatic wrote:


    Hi. This is me. Gosh everyone looks so gorgeous!!


    Love this pose - you look cute, sassy and sexy.


    AnnariaB wrote:

    ocean pic updated.jpg

    Thats me baby!


    Beautiful avatar, beautiful picture.

  2. Syo Emerald wrote:


    Whenever I saw people refering to SL as a game or saw people treat everything and everyone with a mindset of "its just a game!", it was negative in one way or another. Again, I do not care if SL can be classified as a game or not, I just see what the word does.

    Most people I have seen on this forum who refer to SL as a game do NOT treat everything and everyone with a mindset of "it's just a game".  The only thing the use of the word seems to do is to push some people's buttons.

    Syo Emerald wrote:

    ... I was explaining why, for me, the term game creates expections.


    The key in the phrase above is "for me".  Not everyone has the same expectations.  Not everyone uses the same definition of what a game is.  Some people are using the term in a broader sense of the word. It must be taken in context.

    If the SL viewer came on physical media and was stocked in a computer store, would it be in with the business software or in with the game software?  I think we can all agree it would be in the game section of the store, the same way flight simulators would be as well as other non-traditional "games".  I think that often people are using "game" in that same broader sense of the word.

    I can agree that "virual world" is a more precise definition of what SL is but that does not negate the fact that it is a game.

  3. entity0x wrote:

    In my experience, its not the advertising portion of SL that is the problem, it is the retention.

    2nd Life needs an overhaul when it comes to introducing new visitors, as well as perhaps a UI makeover in the viewer, that clearly describes step-by-step how to get started, what there is to do, and where to go to do it.

    On the other end, we need more creators that create actual 'content', events and things to do more so than just fancy looking storefronts.

    I agree with the comments above.  Many people try SL because it's free but there is no tutotial that comes with the viewer or easy place to start once you've created your avatar. 

    I think that everything being user created is both a plus and a minus.  If SL provided more support for creativity with creative tools and tutorials in the viewer itself then there would be more creativity.  Here you almost have to invent or build everything from scratch. 

    In Sims 3, for example, they provide decent mesh that conforms to a sim (equivalent to an avi) but here it took 10 years to get half-fast fitted mesh.  In Sims 3 they provide creative tools within the game - creat-a-sim, create-a-style (for changing the patterns and/or colors of clothing, furiniture and building objects), build/buy (for building, landscaping and furnishing lots), edit town.  They provide free separate programs for more creativity - create-a-pattern (patterns are similar to textures here) and create-a-world.  This kind of support, tutorials and tools is what SL needs for new users to start creating without a large investment in time and money that is now required.  There are people creating mesh for hair, clothes, bulding objects, furnishing, etc using external programs for sims 3 too just as here but SL is lacking the support and tools for creators at the beginning levels.

    So changing SL's adverising to tout the creativity possible here would be false advertising, IMO, and would result in less retension of new users.  So until SL provides more support for creativity they should stick to advertising the social aspect and the diversity of areas to explore.  But in order to retain the new users SL needs to provide a more friendly and helpful first impression.

  4. It depends on what you mean by "true love".  The problem is we use the word love to mean many diffent kinds of feelings.  I disagree with Freya.  I think the only "true love" is unconditional, so I'm not talking romantic love like you probably meant originally, Neal.  To find true love you have to find it inside and "soak up some sun" as Maddy suggested.  Then it can be shared with others who have also found that love and acceptance of themselves and are ready to share.  So my musical suggestion is


  5. Ardvinna wrote:

    I have toagrre with Drake [did I say it really?
    ] Men are affected by the birth of their children, if they have only one healthy brain cell left in their mind. My husband took care of our child as well as I did, no difference.

    So this can't be the argument.

    I never said men weren't affected by the birth of their child, just that what they go through is not the same.  And that they have more of a choice how committed they are.  The boyfriend mentioned in the OP seems to be one who chooses not to give that  much support.  And yes there are bad mothers as well as bad fathers.  After the birth the mother can abandon her baby completely but I bet that happens less often than for fathers.

  6. Drake1 Nightfire wrote:

    Studio09 wrote:

    How old is their baby?  If it is pretty new then your friend is probably exhausted, her hormones are all wonky (probably has no sex drive), can't get enough sleep, because she has taken on full responsibility for a tiny baby she worries.  Her emotions are at the surface.  Men don't usually have as much of an issue and don't understand what women are going through.  Even if they start doing more to help out around the house they don't necessarily have the same commitment, the same worries, the same weight of responsibility.  But they have their own problems.

    I take offence at this whole paragraph. Speaking as a father I am an equal partner in my childrens raising. I fed them, bathed them, washed the dishes, cooked the food, shared in the housework, and all of the other things that come with a relationship. ... 

    If you are going to take offence I would think it would be with the next to last sentence of the paragraph, not the whole thing. 

    You may be the perfect example of a caring, modern father and husband that you claim but your body did not get taken over for nine months, your hormones did not take you on a rollercoaster ride, you did not develope a 24/7 relationship with the unborn baby like the mother did.  She was committed from the get-go.  Near the end of term you probably got more sleep because you didn't have problems finding a position that was comfortable enough. And even if you were present during the birth you where there for support but not really experiencing what she went through.  Your body was not effected.  After the birth, even if she did not breast-feed her hormones were still all skrewed up, she was sore and exhausted and sleep deprived and her emotions were all over the place.  You did not have to go through that personally.  Because of your love for your wife and child you probably chose to give much support before, during and after the birth.  But that is because you chose to.  Most women don't have a choice because they are invested from the beginning.

  7. How old is their baby?  If it is pretty new then your friend is probably exhausted, her hormones are all wonky (probably has no sex drive), can't get enough sleep, because she has taken on full responsibility for a tiny baby she worries.  Her emotions are at the surface.  Men don't usually have as much of an issue and don't understand what women are going through.  Even if they start doing more to help out around the house they don't necessarily have the same commitment, the same worries, the same weight of responsibility.  But they have their own problems.

    I think 2 things that need to happen with a new baby is:  #1. to make sure that the father bonds with it.  If the baby is being bottle fed then the father can feed it.  If the baby is breast-fed then the father can burp and sooth and rock the baby.  Make sure they spend time together.  A baby changes a couple's life.  What you had before is gone and a new baby, because it is so helpless, dominates the new life together.  If the mother and/or the father didn't realize it before, and most don't, then they have to learn to adjust to the changes.  #2. to talk about problems each is having with the new situation.

    Does your friend have her mother nearby to help out sometimes?  Or his mother?  Maybe you can baby-sit for a short time so they can spend some baby-free time together.  As Tex mentioned if they can't talk together sharing their feelings in a non-accusing way then they should get counseling.

    I don't think it is SL that is the problem (he could have taken up soccor or golf with the same results) so not your fault.

  8. It's a good thing that they found out their problems now before they got married and had another child. 

    Maybe the freedom in SL offered an escape from a life that was becoming more and more confining?  Whose idea was it to get married? to have another child?  Who made the "rules" governing the approved amount of time on SL?  From what little info you gave I could speculate that he needs to grow up, take more responsibility for his child and the household tasks, become a little less selfish and that she saw his faults and was trying to push him into the behavior that she wanted by setting up rules for him as if he was a child. 

    Of course I don't know what their situation really was, and maybe you don't know completely either, but they need to talk honestly with each other explaining how they each feel and what they want in a non-accusing way.  They should do that whether they get back together or not, for the sake of their child.

    You can't force another to behave the way you want. You either have to accept them the way they are or cut your losses.  If after honestly conveying the problem you have with a situation and how you feel and what you want without blaming the other, they may change their behavior to please you.  Maybe they just didn't realize how unhappy you where.  But trying to force or manipulate them into changing will produce a lifetime of misery for all concerned. 


  9. Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    Here in East Southeast Wisconsin it's a beautiful day. It snowed last night, bringing in cooler weather so today it's gorgeous (and 28). Yesterday I almost took took of my painting sweatshirt.

     Yeah, isn't it funny how say 20 degrees F in the spring is so much warmer than in the fall.  In the fall the days are getting shorter and seem so gloomy and our bodies are not yet aclimatized to colder temps but in the spring 20 is not bad at all and there seems to be so much more sunshine.   Hope you get some sunny weather.  You too Val.

  10. Val good luck with quitting.  I like to tell people it's easy... I did it 3 times. :smileyhappy: 

    Seriously though each time I started smoking again it was because I was dating or hanging around someone who smoked.  It started out as just bumming a cigarette to be sociable. (Smoking with someone is very bonding, for example smoking a peace pipe or passing around a joint.) After bumming from them several times I would buy them packs or cartons.  Then that progressed to buying for myself.  When I got pregnant I quit for the last time.  

    So even if you end up smoking again that habit can be broken. For me I needed to stop hanging around with people who smoked.  It may be easier now since a higher percentage people are non-smokers and in the US, at least, smoking is limited to certain areas.   Anyway best wishes quitting.

    Grats Hippie for quitting.

    Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.  Here in North Florida it's a beautiful day.  It rained yesterday bringing in cooler weather so today it's gorgeous, even if we are still in the midst of pollen season.  Yesterday I almost turned on the AC.

    Fixed spelling and typos.

  11. Theresa Tennyson wrote:


    My thinking is that SL is by nature a niche product; not so much in itself but a product FOR niches.
    SL's structure allows almost anything to be done, but not as well as a dedicated platform would do the same thing for.
    It's best suited for things that don't have a market big enough for someone to invest in infrastructure to support it in a dedicated way.


    What does SL offer that other games/platforms don't have? - the ability to socialize and interact with other people via avatars in a wide variety of situations/environments. 


    Dillon Levenque wrote:

    I don't think shifting the focus from the avatar is the right idea. Our avatars represent us and in a great many cases very nearly ARE us. Not so much in how they look but in how we respond when we are inside our avatars. For a great many of us (you included, I'm certain) the great draw of Second Life is the social interaction. That being said....

    Why couldn't the picture of the guy and girl show them in one of those cool motorboats in the Grand Canyon sim? Or if full-on romance is what they were pushing, why not dancing in one of the several formal dance clubs, and with a bunch of other people in the picture? That doesn't have to be staged—that actually happens, every day!


    I agree, this would be a very good way to advertise SL.  Maybe a series of pictures from different RP areas as well as avatars taking classes, shopping, watching TV at home with a friend, etc.

  12. CarlaS02 wrote:

    Hi everyone,

    I hope this isn't posting in the wrong section, but I am researching how fashion is used to shape online identities in games like SL for a university paper.

    This depends on your definition of fashion.  I think it it is very limiting to only consider clothing because there is so much more to presenting an online identity.  A lot depends on a person's reason for being in SL.  If the avatar is for roleplay then the clothes, hairstyle, the actual shape and size of the avatar, their AO, their gestures and their style of communication must blend into that RP community.  Excluding RP there are still many reasons a person may be in world and many places to explore.  That will influence how a person presents their avatar.

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