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  1. Its happeneing again - just a few hours ago
  2. Started a new inworld group if anyone would like to join. IM me inworld for the name.
  3. I can't make the meeting, but these are my suggestions if someone from LL reads this, or if someone wants to share at the meeting. A separate Insurance program should be in place for sellers who sell transfer/ no copy items. This could be in the way of; 1) A small percentage of commission from all MP transferable item sales be set aside to set up an insurance fund for people who lose an item through fraudulent activity. I think with the hike in commission rates, this should already be included for no extra cost at this time. 2) An option at the time of selling where the se
  4. If nothing else, it has brought the gacha reseller community together. It's been nice getting to know everyone. You guys aren't so bad after all!!! 😂🤣🤣
  5. Ok good luck... hopefully you will get good news soon.
  6. It took time for them to reply, maybe two days. I was just asking for any commission fees to be returned to me. They first said no, I was not owed them and explained about why i lost the money and items. Then later automatically sent the second email. I think they will deal with each case as they can.
  7. Unlist and they will.... the commissions they're losing is greater than the money we lost
  8. I got the no refund email first and then later the reassessment one
  9. Has anyone else had the money returned to them by LL? Hello connorboy26, I have created this case to reach out to you regarding some recent Linden Dollar assessments from your account. After conducting a secondary review, we have reversed the assessments of L$5490, L$2880, L$10980, and L$8010 (total of L$27,360) on and between the dates of 1/27/2020 - 2/1/2020 from your account. This should now be reflected in your Linden Dollar balance. We apologize for any frustration and inconvenience this may have caused, and are working on improving this process to reduce the negative
  10. Im sorry to hear this has happened to you also. I think it may spell the end of gacha resale.
  11. Not in this recent occurrence, but a couple of years ago yes. I only lost one item but it was major. It was returned several months after it was taken. I dont think they were specifically hunting for my items but they must have tracked them down as part of their investigation. I never lodged a ticket. I really don't know any details or if it was the same sort of scam... but it was the fraudulent use of an account. It could have been a bitter ex for all I know, so easier to track. But I did get my items returned.
  12. I have had my items returned on a previous occasion so there is hope...... I hope lol
  13. What's your thoughts on LL wearing the loss rather than the sellers? Would you support an insurance premium built into sales commissions?
  14. Its not just about full sets.... Its about every reseller, big or small. It's about the $10L items as much as the $5000. Everyone should be protected, value is subjective. Everyone has the right to not be ripped off, regardless of the price or the item.
  15. This thread is about people who are losing money for a particular type of fraud. It was pointed out to you that he's not referring to all low priced resellers, hes talking about the ones that still seem to be listing their items during this fraud crisis, at low prices, because it doesn't effect them either because they are copybotters (can produce more) or they are possibly stolen merch. Nobody has a problem with low priced legitimate items - I love them. Buy them even 🙂 I understand their are other types of rip off scams but can we please keep this thread dedicated to this issue because
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