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  1. Zocalo Music Club presents Random Acts of Senseless Geekery with DJ Siervos and Sarai. DJ Siervos will be spinning all the best punk, pop-punk, rock, grunge and alt music as well as taking your requests and dedications, while the ever adorkably geeky Sarai will keep you entertained with fun conversation, witty banter, and maybe a super fun game of Mad Libs (these Mad Libs are NOT for kiddos)! So come get your geek on with Siervos and Sarai at Zocalo Music Club! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Langston/159/161/26
  2. I just figured out what happened, I had bought something for a friend, and forgot to look at my balance afterwards, the station on the radio was most likely dead, and the only reason I jumped the gun was the misplaced cha-ching which I have no idea why that happened, but at least everything seems in order.
  3. I didn't see any yellow box, I am currently using Firestorm, and all I noticed was the blue Menu box asking me to choose a station.
  4. I recently got a free radio, and right as I tried to select the Alternitive Rock Channel, it made the Cha-ching sound, and I noticed I was missing 120L$. I checked my account purchace history to be sure, and sure enough, it shows the 120 L$ deducted. I didn't hear any music either. currently trying to contact the person who made it, but I would love some feedback on the situation.
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