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  1. Someone seems to object to your choice of word, but it sounds like Second Life saved you from something negative that was going on in your life (whatever we choose to call it) and helped you find positives in your life. It's is strange how it can have that sort of power, the things that happen because of Second Life have certainly surprised me.
  2. ... Of course, the problem is they may be playing by the same rules. They may be thinking "I won't send her a friend request, because that would be pestering. If she wants to be my friend she will request me" And then nobody sends any friend requests.
  3. Find a sim run by nicer people, and go there instead.
  4. Let me put it this way. If people come to SL thinking it is a "game", then maybe my suggestion is a good way to help them understand better. And for some of us, maybe it is a good way to think about RL. You will notice that my own usage of the word "game" is broad enough to include RL, so obviously I am using a much broader definition of the word "game" than you are.
  5. Okay, but I get the impression that the people who come to SL and just try to make themselves happy and ignore the feelings of othe people, or the people who the only thing that makes them happy is making other people UNhappy, they seem to get thrown out of sims, don't make friends, etc etc. Then they don't enjoy SL, and they feel like they are "losing the game". But when I make it my goal to improve other people's enjoyment, I feel like I am "winning the game". And I'm beginning to find similar things happening in RL. That game still baffles me, though. Incredibly huge learning curve. KEVP
  6. Wow. Do they no longer want this to be succesful? Even when they had a tutorial, some people gave up because of how hard it was to learn the interface. It just becomes a place where a handful of us with "secret knowledge" can come and play. KEVP
  7. I met a real newbie recently who was really struggling to learn just how to walk and control the camera, etc. The first time I played SL there was an orientation castle. There's also now an orientation island, but when I went there it looked deserted. Where is the OFFICIAL place now where newbies go to learn the basics of SL? Or is there no longer such a thing? KEVP
  8. Okay people, from my experiences with my various alts in SL, and from reading this forum, I think I may be able to suggest a working hypothesis about what the object of the game is. This is just a suggestion, so nobody go crazy . . . I think the object of SL is to try to make sure other players are enjoying playing SL. I am beginning to wonder whether that may also be the object of RL as well . . .
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