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  1. This new Tos has got me thinking... What about games people use in RP? I've been in a few RP places where they had a dice game well it wasn't really a 'game' just a table that spawns dice that when clicked on roll and 'players' guess (by guess I mean they say in nearby to the person sitting behind the table) what they think the dice will land on.... meaning a even or odd combination. If the game has never required L to play and it does not give you L if you 'win' and the only scripting involved is what spawns the dice and makes them roll is it breaking tos to play it or have it on a sim that is not a skilled gameing sim? Keeping in mind the game does NOT have scripting to know what the players guess is....so it doesn't know who wins or looses and it doesn't reqiure, permit, or give out L. Just something I've been wondering about... thanks in advance for your responses! What does Linden Lab consider a skill game?“Skill Game” refers to any game: 1) whose outcome is determined by skill and is not contingent, in whole or in material part, upon chance; 2) requires or permits the payment of Linden Dollars to play; 3) provides a payout in Linden Dollars; and 4) is legally authorized by applicable United States and international law. Thanks for your time!
  2. When you right click an avatar name in the conversations box on the SL viewer you have the option to block voice when you block it a small check mark appears when you click it again it disapears. I blocked a freinds voice by mistake so I simply clicked block voice again makeing sure it was unechecked... how ever now no matter what I do I cannot hear my freind in a privat call? Does anyone else have this problem any idea how to fix it? Thank you so much!
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