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  1. Mystery solved yay ❤️ I love this forum ❤️ thank you all!
  2. NO! you need to add theme there TOO when you want them to access your HOUSE settings, but to let them set their HOMEpoint (for logging in etc) there you will need to set the land to a group! ❤️ Which has NOTHING to do with group access ONLY, its not restricted from accessing the land for anyone else, its just that those people can't set home their etc.
  3. INDEED I can not remember that tab being like that before, wit the limited choice note I mean maybe they just disable that tab comepletey since some people didn't get the hint of NO BANLINES
  4. I have had my linden homes always on group which doesn't mean it isn't public!! You need to set it to group when you live together with people there that want to be able to set home there too
  5. I don't! I have the linden security thingy! And when I came online nothing in the settings in my parcel details looked different than before oO
  6. what does that mean? and it was public before already, I mean no banlines etc ^^ anyone else gotten this?
  7. YES relog and then entering the region fixed it so weird never had that before ^^ thank you ❤️
  8. maybe just a glitch!? I will try a relog
  9. Sooo coming online to my home today...there once was a small park with pool...whats happening? do we get water there?!
  10. Sooo I gave her a fair amount of waiting for "tomorrow" to come. She still has horses locked in there, and she didn't put them up in the sky what I suggested her to do too since someone here suggested that! Maybe I ask her one more time or just skip that? Derendering all that horse things takes ages and is it even effective? And well I think in general its just not fair to hog that many sim resources in such a close and neighbourly area. X_X
  11. ...its summer...SL has always been a little more empty on slower in summers ( Gosh I never thought I be still here 12 summers later! XD) ...as a blogger I can tell even designers release MUCH less things often during that time cause everyone like outside ..grilling their backbuns in the sun and having fun or on holidays ^^ Parents are usually more busy with their kids off school during summer break and so on XD...and I really hope that MANY people actually SLEEP at 12AM during the work week
  12. I believe that abandoned LHs go back in to the "pool" quite instantly!! Because during trying to get a new LH I got old LHs and abandoned them for seeing if there was a free new one and I had it 3!! times that after I abandoned and checked the website to see there are NO new LHs vacant, that I chose an old LH again and I ended on the exact same house that I abandoned some mins ago! XD
  13. And for people always yelling that @Patch Linden or @Linden Lab don't listen to us residents...I read the wild OMGTILIA thread and then I read theitr Q&A thread and some poor soul clearly went THRU that whole clusterfuzz of a thread and took the most asked questions right from there and answered them! People seem to forget that Lindens are humans too..well some are moles tho but we have those already covered with a bowl of milk! ❤️
  14. actually all the few unanswered questions I had left after their innitial post were cleared with her Q&A post *shrugs* but thats just me I guess
  15. OK imma put some bowl of milk out for them XD ❤️
  16. we better watch that!! Im gonna go and buy a mole-safe lock for the fridge and spent some L on new SLupperWare containers that are hard to open for little mole hands!
  17. Yep some people obviously never read what they signed XD And the Lindens were secretly playing with our AVs while we were offline...thats the reason our AVs sometimes had had shoes up their ar..err...back then when you logged in! And that also was the real reason for the down time while Rolling Restarts, they touched all of our thiiings..and probably they are still going around licking our sandwiches and stuff...today I had @Lost Mole on my parcel! I bet they touched all my foods! *nods* Nah for real there was ALWAYS like mass panics when something changed in the ToS, or changed in any way in SL XD But as wild as it starts it usually quickly calmes again! XD
  18. I think the 600 were "per annum", and cashing out almost 1k from something many people just consider "some online game" within 5 months is for ME far from small time ❤️ you seem to do great ^^ ❤️
  19. I somehow just drifted away reading that.. having you dancing in circles around weird glowey signs&runes on the ground, throwing little magic stones and mumbling words in weird tongues, in my mind! XD ❤️
  20. Exactly and its not only griefers! Theres so many reasons why this is just a bad idea :3 LL needs to make sure the regions keeps the rating it got, people could rezz adult items for example there and well we all know what I mean! XD
  21. Letting people rezz in very few areas only ...well lets say everyone ever been on a public sandbox knows WHY this is just the only clever thing to do! Everything else you want to rezz ...rezz it on YOUR parcel! Want food or a pet? There are a lot of attachable choices nower days have fun like and the rest of the time jsut enjoy more on your parcel ^^ I think its amazing already, they let us rezz vehicles and let us travel freely around the regions without banlines and stuff I just love it like that everything else would be suicide for the regions! Not everyone in SL means only good things, and there surely would be people abusing that so I am actually glad its that way! Family? Well they gave you EVERYTHING you need in the package for your house, just build yourself rooms by making extra walls, et voila ^^
  22. And it doesn't really depends on their working hours at all!! I was able to get mine at around 10 pm after work thats Japan time and that means it was like 6 am SLT sooo you can be lucky at any time ❤️
  23. You both are probably right ^^ when you say it like that its nothing bad at all but for some reason ARing always feels like...well I guess we all know what I mean XD its like running to mom or dad and be like "HE STOLE MY CANDY!" but actually its just better having someone have a look at it so everyone can enjoy their home, and be sure everything is fine! But she also said she would take them away tomorrow anyways if thats not actually the case I can still call "mom" or "dad" for help XD ❤️ thank you all for bothering with my horsy concerns haha
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