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  1. So i have a gif i turned to a texture but i cant figure out how to make it animate on the object im working with. If some one could help out I would be grateful Please and thank you I have attached the texture im trying to animate to help out Also i should say im using a script that is kinda working default { state_entry() { llSetTexture("giphy.anim;6;4;10", ALL_SIDES); llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON | LOOP, ALL_SIDES, 6, 4, 0, 0, 3.0); } } this would be 100% fine but it wont let me size the texture to the size i need
  2. Can you post a land mark to the city please and thank you ^-^
  3. Well Norman I cant be a Brother but i can be a friend and if you want to hang out or want to talk send me a IM in SL also if you want to learn stuff I'm happy to share what I know =^-^=
  4. Hey guys Im working on making a Ironman Mark 3 Helmet and I want to make it two separate parts from the face mask I basicaly want it to kinda open like The actuil IronMan Mask does, I want it to open by some thing like saying in local some thing like "Jarvis open Mask" and the same type of thing to close it. I would try to do it via HUD but i have no clue how to even set up a HUD /make that work I have been testing some Door Scripts the one that works Is Timeless Linked Door the only thign wrong with it is when you click on it while its attached to you it opens wonky and the wrong way This is what i have of the helmet so far and yes I know its not the right red just that tint so i can see the lines Im not good at scripting at all other wise I would do this my self and thank you for any help you can give
  5. Can some one post a link to the rules for what you can and cant do on a (M) rated SIM Ive looked with no luck... so if some one can post it Please and thank you, i would be greatful
  6. MC's Club Is a new Strip/Dance Club Located at ღClick Hereღ Please come and Bring your Friends Owner: thamichelle
  7. Title says it all Im looking for a place to set up my home, and Im looking for it to be cheap as i can get for now. any one with extra room please post you have and how much it is or pm me in SL.... Maybe we can set up a time we can meet in SL and go over things or even look at the land space :catembarrassed: Just a warning for any one that will sell/rent land to me. WARNING: 1) I do not like to wear Clothing, 95% of my time in SL is in the nude (I will make exceptions, like If your running a town or what ever I will wear clothing out side my house) 2) I do like to bring people to my House and do what I like to do. 3) I like to use Adult Items in my house ( Its part of my job ) so I'd like to ask if you don't want this in your Land please don't ask me if I want to move to your land. 4) but most of all, Im a very friendly out going out spoken person and easy to get along with as long as you know the difference between Real Life and Second Life, and that Ill treat you like a person first and a Video game second... Out side of all that Im just looking to have fun and a place to call home while having that fun.
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