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  1. Good Afternoon! Does anyone have any past experience of working with a HUD that attaches through the secondlife experience, The sim i own has such an experience however i have the following problem : after you accept the experience the HUD attaches and when you leave and enter the region it reattaches without having to do anything, however when you log into the region it does not auto attach you have to tp out and tp back in, any thoughts or help would be appreciated
  2. I change my display name three days ago and understand i have to wait a week but i dont understand why it says next possible change is 01:06:17. I am using Singularity viewer and never had this issue before. Anyone any ideas? Thanks in Advance
  3. Are you the next big thing to second life? Do you want to be part of building a great fan base? Then look no further than Edge City, Edge City is the most up and coming rp sim on the grid and we need you, We are looking for live performers who want to share there talents with a place that will truly appreciate them from Country to Rap to Rock to Pop, We want to hear from you, if you want to start making a name for yourself or add more dates to your calendar then drop a line to the names below. ( artists are preferred to be live but cover is acceptable) Kaela Kanto Littlemiss.cheeky AberdeenAce
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