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  1. I'm looking for commerical space in high traffic areas. Preferably, message me (can we do that on this forum? lol); otherwise, post here. Any type of area is fine. I need good positions and traffic, Thanks!
  2. Hire a marketing expert. That's what I do. I setup businesses in SL as a hobby, so I have limited time. Saying that though, with the right marketing, you can take even a hobby to 3 figures (USD) on a daily basis. The key is to think outside of SL as well as within. Get someone who can grow traffic and PR to your business beyond SL. That's where you make the money.
  3. Apologies for my own delayed response! I've been sidetracked by other things of late, but I've recently put this into the hands of my web developer. In the absense of a web api (something we really need; ala Fb apis), you're left with 2 alternatives: 1. Link your website to marketplace listings; 2. Use whatever merchant system you like (ie Paypal) and somehow transfer files upon payment. I must admit, I like the second option. Not that I wish to do LL out of anything, but instant payments to my bank account (well, pretty much instant) would be super. The tricky part, and maybe my w
  4. It helps more than some. That was a superb answer. Thank you for taking the time to help me out. I'm just digging around Textures R Us now and getting ideas. Thanks!
  5. It's complicated to explain. Suffice it to say, it will drive far more sales.
  6. I'm looking for some insight, if possible. Is there a way to integrate SL products into an online e-commerce store? I run a few different companies, one being a web design and development agency. So - in short - I know my way around traditional e-commerce. Is there a way for me to integrate SL billing into the traditional structure? So when someone views the products, they can pay with lindens and receive the items in-world. I've scoured SL products and LL for relevant software and come up with zilch. Thanks in advance. K.
  7. Wow: there are some really old avs here. I wish I could have been around SL in the early years. Does anyone have any stories of what it used to be like? Or screenshots?
  8. Do you use anything like Norton Antivirus? It seems more a firewall / connection issue, given the fact that you've tried the other things I might have mentioned.
  9. I've spent the best part of the morning looking into this: I'm an avid Skyrum addict and I'm hoping to find something similar in SL. Obviously SL has limitations, making anything close to Skyrim impossible, but do we have anything close?
  10. LL need to jump on the spam issue. SL is such an easy target, it's crazy.
  11. Yes, it's not possible to do this. And if, by some miracle of programmer it became possible, LL would soon close the exploit.
  12. Thank you, Czari!! I only reallized it this morning when my wife told me. I was making us breakfast and she said, "Happy 5th birthday." To which my response was a tired, "Huh, what?" Haha Amazing how time flies when you're having fun!
  13. I created my first avatar 5 years ago today. How long have you been in SL?
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