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  1. Hey guys somehow since today I can't log in. SL keeps telling me that there is an error with my login, name or password are wrong, but even if i copy & paste them, it keeps telling me that they are wrong. I could log in onto the website without any problems HALP :( 
  2. Odd, well i did that, worked in 1024x1024 and then downed the image to 512 x 512 - the PNG is crystal clear
  3. Hey there :) I've designed a set of tattoos, and now wanted to bring them in on SL. I've Uploaded the PNG files, and can add them to the tatto layer, but no matter how small i create my art, the outcome always looks totaly blurry or pixeled. Is there a neat trick I am missing to get my nice and fine textures on my body skins? O.o
  4. Yay! \°/ It was a gesture - deactivated it, and now the mouselook is working again on M clicking was blocked by an implant - I'll contact the creator about that - thx a lot
  5. Should work, I did that to get my stuff to the new PC
  6. usualy you have a folder for your viewer in the AppData folder in windows, if you save this folder you login information will be saved too. the alternative would be the "forgot password" function
  7. I have a little issue and hope someone can help me. "M" doesn't open the mouselook anymore. I have the same issue on my notebook too. M is working with an alt, but not with my main account. I already tried to reset all settings. Even if I am logging in on a different viewer M still is not working. I also can't click anything while in mouselook (if I scroll in my mousewheel). btw: clicking Adavanced -> Shortcuts -> Mouselook works for me, it just seems the keybinding is gone I even tried to copy all settings from the working alt into my main account, but with no effect... help? =^..^=
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