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  1. An eye with one design in the right side and another on the left?
  2. Alright, so I've been googling and I've seen a lot of responses none of them are helpful. So please allow me to start off by saying I don't really care if they annoy anyone I've already made up my mind. Anyone who doesn't like it can block me I really don't care lol. Anyway, anyone with experience who knows how to do this and is willing to answer your help would be greatly appreciated. I got ACIIS or whatever it's called off marketplace and I really don't like any of those fonts or symbols. I tried "Unicode" but for some reason those codes don't work when typed.
  3. Trying to put music on my sim but finding out how is a hastle.
  4. Thanks guys, I figured it out earlier. I was only trying to log in at my home and last locations, turned out they were probably the same, I typed in the name of another region. Everything is fine now.
  5. It's only for one account, which is the one I'm using to type this question. I can log in just fine with my alt.
  6. I was building in a sandbox on a platofrm that was as big as an entire region. I made a bunch of buildings and I noticed that there was someone above me I could see his look at bekkon as I zoomed out. I thought nothing of it kept building, tp'd my friend in and we spoke then I noticed he was coppying my stuff above me. Looked as if he attempted to copy bot everything because I saw one building in the middle and a couple of baracades far away from it. It looks like he tried to copybot all my buildings at once but failed. What can I do about this? I filled an intelectial property report, b
  7. I have my payment info on file, I read all the rules took the stupid test, I've uploaded mesh before, SO WHY IS IT BULL **bleep**TING ME ALL OF A SUDDEN? Just a few days ago I uploaded mesh stairs... What the hell is up with this **bleep**?
  8. Okay so I logged out of my singularity viewer cause of lag I kept logging j and out clearing my cache then it told me I couldnt log back in for a few hours so under log in objects I saw something called second life beta I logged into it and I saw that I had 15000 lindens that I don't recall purchasing.
  9. I was under the impression that changing an objects physic shape type from prim to convex hull would reduce the number of prims in an object thus reduce the land impact. That was until just a few minutes ago when I linked all the objects in my building together. I changed the buildings physic shape type from prim to convex hull right before linking all the peices, yet when I view it's prim count, it reads 24.... Shouldn't the prim count be reduced to zero?
  10. I want to learn how to scrip explosive bomb attacks.
  11. Hey all you sexy ass people! I've got singularity veiwer and blender. I've already imported an avatar from second life into blender. I'm able to import things into veiwer but I don't know how to import clothes and other objects.
  12. The account I am using to ask this question will not connect. The other account non premium does. Why is that?
  13. Make a new alt that he or she does not know about and use that or have them ip banned by reporting them and being specific about what they are doing.
  14. I am a noob builder just made a japanese sliding door and added a script. Im not sure what they mean by this I guess I made the door out of too many peices or something. I was just wondering if anyone could explain to a noob what this means. Innula it was a script I copied from second life wikipedia. And thank you for your help. I'm havent even learned how to script. This is it if you would like to see. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Smooth_Sliding_Door
  15. I want to create an anime based avatar and sell it or use it for my self but I don't know for sure where to start.
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