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  1. Hi all, So I'm starting my first fashion label in Secondlife and I was wondering what do you need to do to make your business a success. This includes events I should look at for showing off my products, bloggers, youtubers and networking events. Also - Are there ways of making some revenue from my sim? Like ad boards? And I was thinking of creating a customer loyalty program where you get a discount every time you spend a certain amount. Thanks
  2. I'm a 3d modeler and environmental artist with over 7 years experience. I use blender, photoshop and substance painter. My service includes online support and you get full permission on all my work, that includes the model in obj, uv maps and textures. To see examples of my work please take a look at my website, http://www.hansvet.com/ For inquiries please message me. Regards, Hans
  3. Hi Mochiai, I'm interested in your venture and I have some ideas about a themed sim. My background is in modeling using Blender and 3d environments. Here is my website, that shows some of my work, http://www.hansvet.com/
  4. Hi Kyle, I'm a modeler and 3d environmental artist who has experience making assets and environments for virtual worlds. For more information and to see some examples of my work please see my website. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Hans http://www.hansvet.com/
  5. Hi Polaris, I'm interested in the builder position. I have experience with making buildings in Blender. Here is my website where you can see some examples of my work, http://www.hansvet.com/ Look forward to hearing from you.
  6. Hi Lote, I have seven year experience making buildings in Blender and texturing. Here is my website http://www.hansvet.com/ Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Hans
  7. Hi all, I'm very interested in buying full perm items that I can download as a DAE for Sinespace. I'm mainly looking for home decor that I can use for a beach bungalow. Thanks, Hans
  8. Hi Tina, I saw your add about finding someone to teach you how to make mesh objects. I've had experince with Blender. If you're still interested send me a IM. Regards, Hans
  9. Hi all, I've noticed with boob play animation it's made for small breasted women. If someone can point me to someone who does animation for women with large breasts I'd appreciate that.
  10. Hi all, Searching for a fur jacket with breast appliers has come up empty, so I'm thinking about making my own jacket, using a full perm jacket by Mesh it, but I'd like to know how appliers work and how to incorporate them into a mesh jacket. I'd be most grateful for any advice.
  11. Hi all, I've been considering an idea for a conference on Vitural Worlds in Australia, I was inspired by the virtual conference that is being held on the Opensim grid. The idea would be focused on community and business, and include different platforms not just Sl or Opensim. I'd like to get some feed back on this idea and meet people who are open or have thought of a similiar concept. Look forward to hearing from you.
  12. Hi all, I've been really fascinated with 3d pinting and it's potential, what I would like to know is there a program where a virtual sculpture can be printed into a real wor;d sculptur? For eg could a visitor who would love to have a real copy of a sculpture she see in a gallery click on the object and the Slt file gets sent to the printer. If anyone has any info I would really appreciate it.
  13. Hi all, I'm looking at designing virtaul galleries for real life artists and owners so they have a space to show off all their works, give visitors an interactive experience and owners an opportunity to sell their works online. the platform I would be using is either Second life or Opensim and a web viewer called Pixie viewer which they could attach to their website. What I'm trying to find out is how has virtual galleries benefited artists and owners and has selling works created a viable income stream? Look forward to your responses.
  14. Hi jenelleayeisha, Thanks for you r reply can you please tell me what the position actaully requries besides what you stated in the ad, is the person required to do filming and editing ? Regards, HH
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