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  1. :smileylol: It`s been like that for a few years hasn`t it?...I rarely look Rename it to "Looking For Solitude? "
  2. If none of the above suggestions work for you I would download and install the latest sl release viewer, log in with your problem avie, wait til you crash then file a jira with a log file for the session in which you crashed. Chances are that whoever reads that log file (some one definitely will) might be able to pinpoint something that support missed. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-report-a-bug/ta-p/733545#Section_.3 Good luck, hope you find a fix:smileyhappy:
  3. First thing I`d do is update your viewer, that`s an old build of singularity. http://www.singularityviewer.org/
  4.  How many you see will depend on how high/low you set the avatar complexity settings in graphics/advanced
  5. Have you installed proprietary/non-free graphics drivers? If not I would recomend that you do. Use your ubuntu package manager to find them As for running the viewer app itself, I`ve never bothered installing a viewer with install.sh, or using the terminal. The method that works for me is find the firestorm executable in the unpacked folder, right click it, choose "run" or "execute" and it should start the viewer. After the first run you should then see that a shortcut has been added to your apps menu under "games" or "internet" Hope that helps and let us know how you get on :smileyhappy:
  6. Might have a look at FS then, used to be my one and only viewer for a long time Niran (Black Dragon dev) has been publicly thanked by Lindens for code contributions at a few TPV meetings that I`ve seen. Not sure what the Linden view of these 1gig vram sliders are though, would be interested to hear. Good to hear that the FS version is working for you :matte-motes-smile: Thrashing isn`t something that has noticably affected me but I hear how common it is.
  7. Have you seen this option in a Linden viewer? First I saw of it was Black Dragon quite a while ago, early this year I think. Had a quick play around with it and for the first time had temperature alerts form my mobo monitor software from using any sl viewer, not that I`m drawing any conclusions from that.
  8. I hate the jelly babies nearly as much as more than I hate av imposters so I`ll keep imposters at no limits and just cut out shadows, physics then alm step by step if I need to, the one click load/save graphics presets are great for that. An option to simply not render bloated draw weight avies would be great
  9. Just a thought...... av`s are treated differently when they are sat on a prim. They become sort of an attatchment of the prim. Maybe worth trying to put a pose in a large prim (does`nt have to be a sit pose, any will do) seating the av and see if that fools the viewer into getting the effect you want.
  10. RenderFarClip is the debug setting that can override the draw distance setting in preferences. SL viewer limits this at 500m in graphics preferences but other viewers limit at 1000m. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Talk:Debug_Settings To enable the debug menu check the "show advanced menu" boxes in preferences > advanced.
  11. It could well be a problem with the region you`re trying to log into. Start your viewer, next to the log in button there is a window that you can type in another region name. smith is an easy one to remember so just type in "smith" (no quote marks, no capitals) then hit the log in button.
  12. I understand how frustrating and messy it looks to have half loaded avatars in a scene, must be infuriating if you`re trying to film a wedding! I filed a jira on this back in March 2014, it was just after (I think) Get2Mesh but before CDN were deployed. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-5414 The issue is still happening now under some (unfathomable) circumstances with the current SL release viewer. Big Daddys club is a good place to test this because there`s usually 40 or more av`s there 24/7. The texture console reports no log jam when av mesh fails to load. Interestingly the manager
  13. Sounds more like an account problem than a viewer problem. There have been quite a lot of threads on these forums from users who can log in with one account but not another, sorry don`t have a solution but searching the forums might give you some ideas or contact SL support. There are user files that you can delete, cache, logs, user settings, etc. They will be in your home directory but are hidden. Seach google for "how to show hidden folders in mint" or your file manager may have an option to show hidden folders. Singularity hidden folder will be named .secondlife, other viewers use their
  14. With a lot of Linux distros you right click the Secondlife file like Kwak said and choose "run" or "execute". If it doesn`t run you might have to right click, choose permissions and mark it as executable. If it still doesn`t run you`re best to ask on the forum for your particular distro. Once you have run it there`s usually a shortcut placed in your internet or games menu which you use from then on. As sl viewer for linux is 32bit you will need 32 bit libs/architecture. Or you could try Singularitys 64 bit viewer for linux. I use that on Netrunner rolling release (Arch based) and I`d say it`
  15. I don`t think meshmaxconcurrentrequests is active anymore, it should be Mesh2MaxConcurrentRequests now. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Debug_Settings
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