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  1. Its not about get rich, its about cover all the stuff that you need to do a great job - and yeah, expensive hardware, software and music is needed to do a great club-style set. 

    DJs dont have a stable income like a usual worker, they try to get gigs week after week and manage their money well.

    Its not investing in the game, its using the same gear for RL and SL - just like a texturer who got a Photoshop license. He will try to get the money back, even if he do it for fun. Because with the money he can get some additional stuff and do his job better/faster/easier than now. He has the same risk - that no one will buy his stuff and he will never get the money back. Nearly any job with RL skills in SL works like that - you invest money and/or time and try to get it back.

    So its the customer who decide how much money someone will make. For DJs the customer is the club owner, not the guests :-)


    But yeah, i dont think that manager and club owner will change her mind and pay the DJ better than a scripter or a designer - its the same amout of work and even more money invested. 

    The only way is to get the DJs to keep the price high and the show great.


    Nuja auch dir alles gute, vll wirds ja mal was das man den Gästen was bieten will und nicht auf den L$ dabei guggt :-)

  2. I pay my yearly tax. But with SL i only have to tell it, if i move the money to paypal. I`m german too - and i know how much you have to pay GEMA & GVL here for a stream (and i hope you pay the license fee like other online radios do, because we call this "Piratensender"). 

    Currenty i set up my stream and it will be paid - and i expect the club owner to cover this too .

    Club owners are not money trees, but when someone earn money with my job, i want some money too. Second life is the same like real life - its a buisness and people pay other people who work for them. Only the club owners let the guests pay their staff and this is not the right way.

    I will even accept a fair and nice amount of money per hour and let the tip go to the house (100%) - this is how it should work. Someone work for you, show up if he is in the schedule and just do the job. So he should get paid, doesnt matter what happens out there. How much - that depends on what the DJ and the clubowner make out, both should be happy and doesnt feel like "omg, i work for nothing" or "omfg i pay way too much for that"...

  3. Its hard to find RL gigs, because i dont spin popular music. This is why i look for a second income and SL will be great for that - it will cover my costs for new music or other stuff that i buy online. And most clubDJs work only at weekends, so we got enough time to do more stuff.

    But yeah, thats pretty much it. If you look for for semi-pro DJs (who do this as a hobby) or beginners - its fine, but i dont think a professional DJ will work for tips only. 

    I know there are many people who can live from SL income and they use their RL skills for it. It should work for DJs too.

    And i invest money in better gear, new music and in practise & learning, that improve my performance overall, not only in SL or RL.  Advertising dont cost much money now, it just the time.


    I wish some club manager will think about what they want and get some professional DJs - like they pay professional designer, scripter and almost anything that is used for the club. You get what you pay ^_^

  4. DJing cost me cash. I`m lucky enough to get gigs outside of SL, so i can pretty much cover all my cost over a short time, like 1 year for bigger stuff and almost instantly for music and small stuff. 

    But you should think about it in the other way. DJs who get better gear, they sound better - a good studio mic is not 10-90€ (like a usual headset), it starts from 100€ and goes up to 5000€. And yeah - you can hear the difference in the stream. 

    Same with other things like soundcard, mixer, turntables and needles. This DJs offer you way more than other DJs who use just software & mouse. 

    And paying them well help a lot, so they can get better sounding equipment and do a better show with it.

    I will not quit it, but maybe i will stop accept a 100% tip jobs completely.  Because i do this for living, not only for fun. 

    And like many other people i see SL as a source of income, not only as a online roleplay game.


    P.S.: DJing is not that easy. Most DJs learn at least 6 months before they try it out in public. And spend a lot of money to get started. + Its a lot of work to prepare your set for live remixing, harmonic mixing and a good sound.

    Its not like throwing mp3`s in a playlist and hit play.


    I spend over 3-4 hours for a 2hour set in the club. People forget that or just dont think about all the work that is not visible. 

    Same with live musicians - they work years to get they album finished and this is why they deserve much more money for a 1h show. 

  5. Believe me, every DJ who does this week after week out there (not ingame, i mean real clubs) - they love it. And they dont do it for money, girls, fame or whatever. They do it because they love the music.

    But from your heart alone you cant pay for newest tracks every week, get a nice gear (i know its a bit overkill for SL, but why not), pay your streaming license and other stuff that cost money. 

    Its an overall problem, most DJs dont get enough money - in SL and first life too. So it would be nice to see an improvment at least here, so DJs who spend way more money than hosts, dancer, clubmanager or even designer (they pay once for photoshop, 3d max and they have it.. DJs spend way more money and there is no point where you can say "ok, i got it all, now i can grab 100% of my money and keep it") - they should get more money so they can cover the hard&software + music. 



    And advertising can be nice - or annoying. If i would see a club, who is searching for DJs for weeks & months - i will avoid it. Its a sign - there is something wrong, great clubs often get about 10-15 demo`s per week and have only 1-2 slots. Thats just my RL expirience with online radios and clubs.

  6. I dont think other DJs are bad - but there are some really great DJs (they usually have RL expirience like me or even better) and they deserve a better payment than 100% tips - tips are from guests if they like tunes/whole set or just like the DJ.. but you hire a DJ and the club owner/manager has to pay for that. 

    And i`m not number one - if i were that good, i will spin for over 10.000€ per hour. Thats what top DJs get.  

    I`m just a RL DJ and i use the same gear and even more for SL - and it makes me sad that club manager dont want to pay for it.  

    P.S.: Spamming messages will not really help with finding a great DJ - the best clubs dont do that - DJs write to them and ask for a job.


    But this is just my opinion and nothing more.

    It would be great if i can see some really nice applications here and not the same day after day ^_^

  7. I see that lounge searching for DJs 5 times a week...


    Maybe you should pay more (a good DJ is worth up to 1500L$/hour + 100%, specially with his own stream, he has to pay license fee) and accept more styles or do some special events.

    I`m a DJ, but will never work for you - i like other music and will never spin stuff that i dont listen @ home. 


    I wish you good luck, but spamming the same application every second day is not so nice :-)

  8. Its about people who does nothing than install a cracked version of Virtual DJ Pro (because its damn expensive and for me - not worth it, the software is far behind Traktor Pro & SeratoDJ). 

    But forget this - its just my opinion - i want to work with RL DJ`s, musicians and interesting people and getting better at what i do :-)


  9. Hi. I`m Cryonic - an RL DJ, who decided to join SL for 1 reason.. to spin some crazy music - first for the re_noize club, later for other clubs too.

    I have about 2 years expirience with DJing for online radio stations (they use the same stuff as SL clubs) and over 3 years expirience with spinning in clubs in eastern Germany, inc big events like Wave Gotik Treffen.

    I prefer to spin with real hardware (controller+software or mixer+vinyl/timecode) and its club-style mixing, not that stupid winamp/VDJ-thing what people now call DJing :-)

    Musicstyles: EBM, TBM, Industrial, Dark Elektro/Aggrotech/Hellektro (whatever, that stuff has many names), Noise (Power, Rhythmic), Breakcore & IDM. And (Hard)trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore (mainstyle), Dubstyle & Goa/Psy/FullOn.

    The mic is used, but not so much - i want to have a great show, some nice trasitions and that feeling when people lose their mind while listening to a good set - and not listening to the DJ who talks trash and destroy the current track or the whole set. 

    I`m a native russian & german speaker, english is fine but not the best. I also live in Germany, it means GMT+2 timezone.

    I have my own Shoutcast Server, a website (pretty new, fixing bugs & setting everything up, content will follow later. djcryonic.eu)

    Currently i spin in 2 clubs and my weekends are for RL clubs and i need some sleep too :-)

    Feel free to contact me if you have a spot for a guestDJ (just one gig or once per month blah) or a resident spot.

    Contact: DJCryonic Resident ingame or cryon1cang3l@googlemail.com


    P.S.: I like clubs where i can keep 100% Tips and get a nice fee on top of it - but 100% Tips only is OK, if the club is established and running well. I also like clubs where (almost) all DJs do this professionally outside of SL - just to learn, share expirience & tricks and talk about this stuff.

  10. Its about the software, that you use.

    The SX is in that case just a really expensive "keyboard" with a soundcard inside. It sends MIDI, the same like any gamepad/joystick or a 25 year old keyboard/synthie with MIDI Out :-)

    Its how any midi-controller works - some of them have other functions, others are just MIDI.


    The current "Problem" is - most DJ software cant stream at all. So you will need a third party tool (free or paid) and some extra cables to connect it together. And you will get a pure audio stream, so interactive tags, no titles - you have to edit this manually.


    DJs got nearly anything that is possible with the current hard&software - beatsync video, light with "sound to light" mode,  software for any OS - even for iphone.. but that one stupid function is missing and we all got different problems. VirtualDJ & Mixxx are great, but they are far behind other DJ tools and VDJ is still expensive and there are no controllers with Pro version - anyone has to pay some extra money if they want to use it.

  11. Like i said, teaching classes (more than 1-2 people at the same time) is not really good. There is so many different hard & software and different ways to connect this together.. Its just not really useful and people will leave.

    Many people may need some personal help or just some tips what to do, what should they search on google and that stuff. 

    The basic stuff will cover anything - specially the own server part - many clubs want DJs with own server, mostly shoutcast. And the rent for a shoutcast server with 50 slots and 128kbps is usually higher than a rent for a virtual linux server with unlimited bandwith, 1-2gb RAM, 100gb storage and 1-2 cores + .eu or .com domain. 

    But if you have a server, you can do anything - like installing more channels and let people use it, installing teamspeak, get your website up with a nice domain - and still have some power to run other stuff or just keep your files online like a cloud server - that should be interesting.

    Currently i pay about 10€ monthly + 18€ per year (for a .eu domain) and i can run up to 5 different servers without reaching the RAM or the CPU limit. 

  12. It will be free - for any software & hardware (except MacOS stuff - i know about it, but dont have it. Most of the settings are similar, its easy).

    The only paid part will be personal help, everything else will be free for anyone.


    I`m familiar with some of the midi-controller stuff, turntables & CD-decks - nearly anything that DJs use today. And DAW like Ableton Live - its a huge thing right now, the most creative piece of software that can be used for DJing/live gigs.

    MIDI  is easy. There are thousands of controllers, but they all work the same way - and the software is important for the stream, not your hardware (but your hardware can set some limits - like pure analog vinyl - its impossible to get ID3 tags because there are no digital title infos).


    It will start next week, i will upload some basic stuff first - popular software & controllers. The harder stuff will follow later - depends on what people want to see first.


    P.S. Specially fot the Pioneer SX - it works with Serato DJ. And it cant stream - the only way is to grab an output (booth out, so you have your master for speakers and booth out for the stream) and route it over other software (like SAM Broadcaster, edCast tool and anything else that can stream to the server). The "problem" is - you got a pure audio signal, so no ID3 tags will be streamed. You have to type in your songs that you play if you want titles.

  13. I dont like the idea of teaching people in a class - sure i can do this and i have the soft&hardware to make some sort of a "webinar" (videostream & chat). But the idea is - to help people set things up quick & stable. Its not about teaching them how to DJ or what can be done with the software they may have, its just about getting a fast overview what they use and help them with connecting everything together or show them some stuff - what they should byu (soft&hardware) if they want blah.

    Sure it will give me some money, but thats just not the initial idea. Its for people who usually know what they do - clubDJs, expirienced radioDJs who want to use hardware and not only their mouse.

    I need some money for sure, but most of the stuff will be free - just to help people. And if that really helps, they will donate.


  14. Mhhh its both of them. I will make all tutorials open for everyone, but personal help (skype with screen capture, teamwiever - to configure their stuff) will be paid as usual per hour. And i will accept donations aswell.


    The point is: DJing is getting easier & cheaper.

    Good DJ controller + fine Mic (dynamic, because when you spin, you usually have your speakers pretty loud) cost about 200-400€ now. Most of them have software, some other have even full versions that can broadcast.

    There are also some cheap sets like 2 CD-Decks and Mixer or small Mixer + Mic - they are not good enough for clubs, but more than fine for 128kbps audiostream @ home.

    And the software can do a lot of stuff for the DJ - like sync the tracks, set autogain and get the right music key. Its easy to learn all that stuff and do some fine mixes after 2-4 weeks of training and watching guides.

    I want people to really get into DJing - not just playing music. And because that stuff cost some money (10 years ago people paid about 1000€+ to get a nice second hand setup & some vinyl), i will make most of the stuff free for everyone. 

    And there are many tutorials how to use winamp, SAM Broadcaster and other broadcasting tools that are not designed for DJing - but i cant find any tutorials for setting up different hardware and DJ-software (even if that can broadcast directly). There is no need for tutorials on simple stuff.


    And there is something else - server setup & settings.

    Most people rent a preconfigured shoutcast/icecast server - its OK, but they dont get full control.

    If someone has a virtual server, he can set up his own Radiostream (and integrate that in his club) - its usually cheaper and you can use the server for many things: website with a nice domain, Teamspeak & other voice server stuff and finally the radiostream. With so many slots you want (and your server hardware and bandwith can manage), with higher bandwith (up to 320kbps - most people can listen to this without problems) - and you have full access to the server at any time - "unlimited" storage for your AutoDJ.


    P.S. thats the official guide how to do set things up:



    As you can see, there is nothing for hardware DJs and DJ-software is not listed. 

    And the part with installing your own icecast/shoutcast server on a virtual/dedicated server is missing too - there is only a small part about installing this on your local network (most people want it 24/7, but cant set up a server @ home and the second problem is: most people have dynamic IP @ home, not really helpful for streaming).

    There are some DJs that have their own streaming server - and get this for like 10€ per month with huge bandwith and custom settings is great.

  15. If enough people want something like that, i will create a guide how to connect anything and get this working on nearly any station (most of them use Icecast & Shoutcast for audio streaming, Flatcast is an option).


    It will contain anything - from vinyl to software, what hardware is needed and how to get all this stuff working with different DJ tools like Traktor Pro, Virtual DJ, Mixxx (free DJ software), Mixmeister and with software that cant stream by itself.

    If needed, i can do a videoguide and help people with their setup/hardware - even with skype/teamviewer if they got some problems that can be solved so easy.

    This guide will be designed for real DJs, who have some hardware (at least Midi-controller or mixer) or who want to byu a nice setup but dont know what is needed, not for Winamp / SAM Broadcaster and "mouse-only" DJ`s.

    Its a lot of work and my english is not that great (but i can do this in german and russian too), so i have to be sure that many people really want this. 


    Just write me what do you want to see first in the tutorial (which software, hardware, server) and what problems do you get while using the current soft/hardware with SL / Radiostations.

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