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  1. Thank you Whirly, followed your advice and region was restarted. Problem solved!
  2. Still broken and not just for me. Also unable to teleport or fly out of sim.
  3. Support case submitted: Today's rolling restart on the main Second Life Server channel in region Undulosa broke it! When I log in there I get this message: "There was a problem saving the default permissions due to the following reason. Couldn't resolve host name. Please try sending the default permissions later." When trying to save a script, I get the following compile error: "Sim lacking UpdateScriptTask capabilities. Unable to request recompile" Is anyone else on the main channel having the same problem?
  4. Today's rolling restart on the main Second Life Server channel in region Undulosa has screwed up! When I attempt to save a script, I get this compile error: "Sim lacking UpdateScriptTask capabilities. Unable to request recompile". Where can I report this other than here or submitting a ticket (which would take days as usual)
  5. "Attempts to address #1 and #2 have inevitably led to well-meaning but uninformed measures by landowners that have done little more than intimidate and annoy SL residents." I fully agree Rolig, this is why I'm investigating this.
  6. Thank you Nova for your relevant response before this thread went downhill and became irrelevant to the question posed. Yes, the script time is averaged over 30 mins or since the avatar entered the region. Initial times can be very high but reduce over time.
  7. I can get various bits of information related to scripts in worn attachments with this function: llGetObjectDetails( key avatar, [OBJECT_TOTAL_SCRIPT_COUNT, OBJECT_RUNNING_SCRIPT_COUNT, OBJECT_SCRIPT_MEMORY, OBJECT_SCRIPT_TIME]); But what would impact the region the most? - The script time of those scripts? - The total number of scripts? - The total number of running scripts? - The memory allocated to those scripts? Also would the complexity or shapes of avatar attachments have an effect and is there a way to find this by script? I am aware that estate owners have access to a "top scripts
  8. I took ALL my objects from the region and rezzed an object with a simple one line script to check - still didnt work Then I requested and got a region restart - Problem solved!! @Innula, yes very easy to mess up when scripting, however I'm aware of the llRegionSayTo throttle and am confident that wasn't the problem. The object I've been working on recently doesn't use it in a loop. Still baffled why it happened, I guess i'll put it down to the SL factor!
  9. Thank you Dora, I stand corrected and educated
  10. @Madelaine - Thanks for the suggestion, tried it, no difference @Freya - Yes is seems something is profiling me somehow Current tests done: The current rezzed object owned by me wont do llRegionSayTo to me or other avatars, in my home sim created new prims and new scripts, it still wont do llRegionSayTo to me or other avatars, in my home sim created a new object, with a new script just to do a llRegionSayTo, a llSay & a llInstantMessage on touch, the llRegionSayTo doesnt work but the others do, in my home sim. Gave the original object to another avatar to rez and the llRegionSayTo
  11. "maybe it is profiling you (as the creator) as being the same as the object itself." hmmm interesting, i'll try your suggestions tomorrow, gotta run now for today, thanks
  12. avinmenu is declared as global variable, ie: key avinmenu; if it wasnt a valid key, surely it would say "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" when converted to a string and llRegionSayTo ((key)avinmenu, 0, "Boo"); made no difference
  13. Because it should work and llInstantMessage has a two second delay
  14. The llRegionSayTo is in the listen event and responds to a dialog menu button These two test lines have been added in that relevant section ie: if (message == "xxx") { llSay(0, "avinmenu = " + (string)avinmenu); llRegionSayTo (avinmenu, 0, "Boo"); other stuff follows } The llSay tells me that the information stored in avinmenu is correct, which is my avatars key, initially obtained in a touch event The llRegionSayTo does NOT appear in my chat window avinmenu is declared as global variable, ie: key avinmenu; and is equated to llDetectedKey(0) in the tou
  15. Sorry you are wrong llRegionSayTo DOES allow zero channel. it works for my friend and in many other scripts i've made llRegionSay however does not allow zero channel
  16. For some reason llRegionSayTo isnt working for me, but when i give a copy of the scripted object to a friend in the same region it does work. It uses the zero channel and I've added a llSay to say the "key target" as a check, which is correct. The script has been reset several times and i've relogged also, but to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this?
  17. Yes, lag or something more serious is what i suspected, however i'm surprised that no-one else has experienced this if that is the cause. I dont think its down to griefing as the dolphins are generally at ocean level and in a pool at 2000m altitude and they are all affected at the same time I've made some physical test objects to move N,S,E,W in 5m steps with llMoveToTarget. I'll have them record their last 20 positions, with a timestamp and the region FPS with each move on a one second timer. Then if they go out of the parcel or lose their physics, they will come home and stop. Fingers cros
  18. OK, well these dont use pathfinding and there was no sim restart when this happened
  19. Yes tried that. They reset on_rez when i rez them from lost & found each time this happens
  20. I'm in a region running on Second Life Server I have eight physical dolphins here, most of which have been running for almost a year with no problems, however in the past week they have escaped from their designated area three times. They are either returned from another region or parcel or I find them at the sim border with their physics turned off. This happens with all the physical objects here, not only the dolphins, and they are all affected at the same time so it is not the scripts in the objects failing. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone know what may caus
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