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  1. Hi there I'm looking for a little bit of help in that, I'm seeking someone to custom make an avatar for me (Well aware it will be paid in RL money to compensate for time spent working on it, unless you'd prefer L$?) But I can supply images to anyone interested. So far from the top of my head the kind of things that would be necessary are.. somewhat unique avatar animations for the AO, and maybe a colour change HUD. I dont want to say it will be simplistic because the design isnt "complicated", as I dont know how difficult it could potentially be. I'm inexperienced. This will be for
  2. My account is linked to an older, but still accessable email. However I don't use this email as frequently, in fact I don't. I want to change my email to my primary email that I use the most, but each time i try to change/save changes nothing happens and my 'password is incorrect'. which is confusing because i know my passwords for both my older and current email, as well as my SL logins. This is in the contact information section of the second life account page as well, if this helps any... Can someone tell me what I might be doing wrong? I just want to update my email. Thank-you~ ~Edit~ I
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