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  1. Now I remember why I never visit these forums, thanks
  2. If someone actually asks for suggestions, “try all of them” is not a helpful reply.
  3. You might try a Tonic head. They tend not to have the prominent cheek bones and sharp jawlines that you see on a lot of others. I just got the Tonic Pixie for an alt and I’ve been very pleased with it so far. I don’t think it would be hard to shape it for a plumper look.
  4. I would guess Lelutka May but it’s hard with Bento heads. It might even be the default skin, it’s got that waaaaay too much makeup look.
  5. The thread’s not that old by adult forum standards, but whatever. Eh, I don’t get the impression these are profile reading types. Anyway, whatever the cause, one of the primary appeals of these places aside from nc fantasies is not having to put up with guys’ dumb IM chat up attempts so I totally get the OP’s frustration.
  6. I think the problem the OP is referring to isn’t just an issue of asking for consent. It would be fine, and maybe a good thing, if people were just doing little consent checks before smashing that capture button, maybe along the lines of “((hey you’re here for open play right?))”. The problem is this: hey how’s it going what are you up to tonight And I think that has more to do with people not really being immersed in the environment and just using SL as a visual chat. The same thing happens in Adult RP areas, much to my frustration. I don’t think anything can be done abo
  7. The community I live in, Duskwood Junction, has a large portion of beautiful, scenic land that's open to anyone and includes lots of secluded cuddle spots and nice areas to walk together. It's infrequently visited so it could make for a nice bit of quiet time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Duskwood Junction/151/132/22 I have no stake in it other than living here and wanting to share it with others.
  8. Why live on the mainland if you’re just going to live in an isolated fort? I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just don’t understand the kind of individualism that drives a lot of SL landowners. One of the main things keeping me from buying land is the odds I’d have a neighbor like this.
  9. How about no ban lines or <30 second orbs on parcels adjacent to protected land (especially roads and waterways)? If you want to lock out the public, get off the public infrastructure.
  10. I don’t understand how exclusive access to Premium content is supposed to be a selling point for anyone. Obviously I, as a free user, have never seen this content, so how do I know if I’ll like it? And there’s plenty of user created content that I can (and do) pay a premium (in lindens) for that does not require a fancy special account. Also every bit of LL created content I have seen has not really impressed me so I don’t know why this should be any different.
  11. First of all, I think no matter how you slice it, Premium is about land. Gifts, stipends, more groups, and so forth aren’t anything you can’t manage without. If you want land and you don’t want a landlord middleman, you’re gonna need Premium and that’s really the only reason to get it. So if you want Premium to be more attractive, you need to make land more attractive. I’ve seen a lot of talk about more land, cheaper land, more LI, etc., but none of that matters if the land sucks and let’s be really clear that by almost any standard most of the mainland absolutely sucks. More of what suc
  12. I don't know Bee Nexen outside of renting from her for the past month or so, but I want to post here that I could not ask for a better landlady. Bee is extremely helpful, friendly, and responsive, and she has tremendous integrity. If what she has available isn't quite what you're looking for, she will work with you to come up with something that is, even if not a lot of money is involved for her. She was very helpful for a very minor problem that I had, and is just overall pleasant to work with.
  13. While I agree with the previous posters that you should dress to please yourself, sometimes a critical eye or some good advice can help you achieve the look that you're seeking. And quite honestly, there are some people in SL who really could use that. I don't have any suggestions for a group, but I do recommend looking at real life fashion blogs, Pinterest, or just using Google image search for things like "shoes with cobalt blue dress" to get ideas and to get you headed in the right direction. Sometimes the fashion rules are arbitrary social conventions, and sometimes they're useful guide
  14. Thank you, Bee! Those worked just fine. Also, I want to thank you for providing some inexpensive rentals that don't look like skeevy love pads. SL needs more of those.
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