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  1. LL said they would write a blog explaining the root cause of the problem. Did they publish it yet? Does anybody know what caused the outage?
  2. Assuming you already got the basics (mesh body, hair, and head), here is what I usually do when I’m in shopping mood: - Go through Deadwool, A&D, Cold Ash, and Gabriel. They have great stuff and a broad selection. - Visit the Men’s Only Month event to cast a wider net of designers (although the selections are more limited). - Check the SL Fashion For Men group in Facebook. There is something for every style there. Patience is the name of the game when it comes to male clothing, mesh, and bodies. Don’t despair if you don’t succeed at first
  3. I have set the Hover slider in the Edit Shape menu at 50% (Edit Shape > Body tab). My Hover Height is at 0 (right click on avatar > Appearance > Hover Height). My AO is off. Despite all the above, my avatar is still floating slightly above the ground level. What else could cause an avatar's vertical position to be off? Are there other shape settings I should fiddle with?
  4. Thanks for your reply, Qie. What I don't understand is why these entries keep getting added to a conversation log when I haven't had any contact with such person (or the scripted object, for that matter) in ages.
  5. I just noticed the following string being added to an IM log with a resident: [2015/07/06 17:19] Second Life: secondlife:///app/agent/07c03368-283b-4d32-8393-edfafaf72cc4/inspect paid you L$1. It is a recurring entry in an IM log with someone who used to be on my friends list, but with whom I haven't had any kind of contact in a long time. This entry has been added to the IM logs with that person for the last 6 months, and started during a SL party, when the person started a trivia game and everybody got $L1 for each correct question. No money has been withdrawn from my account, so at lea
  6. To close the loop on this issue ... it was the wireless keyboard. As soon as I switched to a corded one, all my problems were gone. This was very unexpected, as none of the other applications installed on my desktop ever experienced any problem. Thanks for all your help.
  7. Just wanted to close the loop on this one. As it turns out, my wireless keyboard was the culprit. As soon as I switched to a corded keyboard, all my problems disappeared. This was strange, as no other application installed in my desktop suffered from any problems. But there you have it. Thanks everyone who helped.
  8. I just spent 2 1/2 hours inworld using a wired keyboard. No lags. I'll keep watching. I'll be damned if that was the reason!
  9. Hi: I posted this question to the Server forum, but I should have posted here, since this is probably a client problem. Here is my problem in a nutshell: At times (at least once daily), when I'm inworld, I experience incredibly slow chat lags. People around me have no lag problems at all, but I'm the one who can't type anything. While this is going on, my FPS are perfectly fine (~30-35), no packet loss, and the ping time is under 100ms.The most intriguing thing is that this even happens at the login prompt. When I launch Firestorm I can't even enter my user name. I would type my entir
  10. I did a fresh reinstall of my Firestorm viewer, and things looked good for about a couple of hours, but just started experiencing the problem again. I'm at the login screen, unable to type in my user name. And can't switch windows in my desktop using Alt-Tab. I have to click on another application to switch views.
  11. Folks, any idea??? I'm at my wits' end on this. Thanks!
  12. UPDATE: I shouldn't have counted my eggs before they hatched. I had the same problems last night. Any help from the forum will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi Freya: That is also what puzzles me. What could be going on that chokes my login prompt? Here are the specs you asked for: OS: W7 SP1 64-bit Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 2000 ( Processor: Intel Core i3 2120 3.3 GHz Motherboard part number: Can't get the actual model and part number, but I had a Dell Inspiron 620, if that helps. Keyboard: Logitech Wireless K520 Accessibility Settings: None Oh, and I recently changed my bandwidth settings from 1,500 kbps to 500 kpbs and things seem to be much more stable. But again, not sure if that explains the problems on the
  14. I recently started experiencing severe chat lags. When in-world, I sometimes I have to wait up to 7 minutes for a single character to appear on my chat box. And the most strange thing is that even the login page shows lag. There are times when I launch my viewer (Firestorm 4.4.2) and it takes me minutes (as long as 10 minutes sometimes) to type my user name. The strange thing is that this behavior comes and goes, even when staying on the same sim. After a while (20 minutes) it goes away, only to return a while later. This seems to happen only to me, as others who are next to me seem to b
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