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  1. There's a cute little day care in Ocean Pointe , dress warmly we're a winter community Kidz Korner in Westwood Estates in Ocean Pointe, Ontario, Prideland (10, 105, 22) - Moderate
  2. I'm looking for a family role play sim in NEED of a fire department , Not looking for an existing department to join . The reason being is I own and operate a Private fire protection company that specializes in providing contracted community Fire Departments. in short We operate and manage Fire departments , we provide the support staff , uniforms , equipment ...and staff it with members from within the community . We take the hassle out of having to recruite and supervise on a daily basis , we're professional and have made a business of what we love. Ideally we look for a spot thats for rent and big enough to accomodate a fire hall or a community willing to provide a spot for the hall ( our prims are well managed and generally kept under 1000) We provide full fire department services to the community , free of charge . Weekly reports to the sim owner or managers and get involved with the communities we serve. Our staff and associates take pride in serving , and treat each community as their own ...and in many cases support staff that work at your hall , will relocate to your community.
  3. Hello , my names Billy . I'm 34 years old and live in ocean pointe (an amazing family roleplay sim) and I'm looking to get into the whole family roleplay thing. The classic family , 2 dads (laughs) and a volvo in the driveway ...couple kids and a dog kinda classic family lol I'm a fun easy going guy ,openly gay , all sorts of interests and hobbies ...but I wont share that here , wheres the fun in giving all the 411 up front. I own a business in town and tend to have many things on the go at once. In RL i tend to go away for 5-10 days at a time but keep in touch where I can , and get home for 3-4 days off , so be understanding I wont be here 7 days a week. I've not had the greatest luck getting a family here so I thought I'd give this a whirl ( i know a few haters will mock me but whatever) message me in game
  4. Hi there Im looking for a family roleplay community where I can live and roleplay as a buisness owner . I need a lot for my business around 40x30m It's a pretty unique business in the community , trucking ! ...you don't need a trucking company you say? does your community have shops , grocery stores ...gas stations ? of course it does , and they just get magical invisible deliveries huh ...not very realistic for the folks that roleplay as gas station managers and store owners is it ? aside from trucks , my business also has cabs and school buses ...home delivery of milk and even postal delivery if needed its really a transportation all in one. im willing to pay for my lot for my buisness or share prims from home (rent 1000 prim home use 500 at each) post up your Landmarks and tell me about your town ....and go !!!!!
  5. Good day , I'm looking for a family roleplay community in need of an active church ... I am currently renting a spot for the church in a non rp estate, (just a street side lot in azure estates) and I'm looking for more of a community environment . church lot should be on a corner with room for parking area , 500 prims for around 12-1300 wk ... building is aprox 45x20m and we use 500 or less prims I'd also be interested in renting a family home within the same area. please message inworld or send a notecard with info and landmarks , i dont get on forums much.
  6. Hello there , I'm Billy Diesel and I'm looking for a job as a host/greeter . yes I am the host with the most , funny charming witty and above all professional . I'm familiar with managing clubs and sims . I'm tactful and direct when dealing with griefers, and I'm also knowledgeable in interviewing staff , hiring and supervision roles. I tend to be a pretty classy looking guy , love formal attire but have a vast wardrobe . Comfortable in all types of club scenes (ballroom,gay/lesbian,alternative) ... About the only thing I dont do is DJ , but I'm looking into it. I'm a night owl , dont mind doing double shifts or short notice (if I'm on i'll come) looking for something hourly plus tips . shoot me an IM and I'll pop and check it out 
  7. I'm new to running a sim community , and I wasn't aware i need to deed my sims to the group, in order to allow managers certain controls on the land , or for residents to set media etc. I just attempted to deed one parcel and everything on that parcel was returned ?and wow was she upset ... and I'm now scared to deed the entire sim to the group in fear all my residents will have things returned and log into an empty town. What are my options?
  8. Hello , we're a small biker club looking to get a custom hoodie made. We're looking at something simple but well made in black with a large back logo and small front logo ( will be supplied) Item needs to be copy/transfer but will NOT be sold , and when given to our elite members , will be given as non C/M/T Please message me in game for info , I'm willing to have your logo on it somewhere in exchange for a deal ... willing to pay also ;)
  9. Please allow me to introduce myself , My name is Billy Diesel and I am looking to work ... for YOU! I am an expericened host and Manager with over 1 year of experience in various aspects of SL. I have worked as an estate manager , rental agent and club host/manager, and recently as a community ambasador . I am knowledgeable in club operations , adding/removing guests from groups , creating or assigning roles , adding / removing media from land and maintaining ban/access lists as an EM. pretty tech savy and have worked with a few stream management systems (shoutcast/ice cast) and have expericence in adding and removing DJ's or setting up guest DJ's as needed. I come across as both approachable and professional at all times , my avatar is very well dressed and suited for the role , He is typically a suit and tie kinda guy , or the classic black tux . I am openly gay , kinda stuck in the 80's music wise but have an appreciation for many genre's , I am able to voice if required in local . Ideally I'm looking for a casual position as my rl work is 10 days on and 4 days off ..my off days will need something soon as winter is ..omg its almost here *laughs* please feel free to send me a NC inworld (best option) or respond here , but pardon my delay as I seldom surf the forums
  10. Thank you for taking an interest in Golden Arrow Tours , we are a vibrant new company ...vibrant and growing . For travelers we are setting up tour dates once or twice aweek at the moment , if you are a SIM OWNER of a family community or community resort , welcoming a company like us has many rewards , read on! let me set the scene: You and your loved one arrive , bags packed and camera's ready . You're excited and unsure exactly whats about to take place , you heard about this trip from friends . The idea seems a little silly , even unorthadox in secondlife but you agree with your date that its fresh and new and could be a lot of fun. You step into the travel office and are polietly greeted by a casually dressed guy who introduces himself as your tour guide. Outside sitting waiting is a long sleek motor coach , and standing around you are other couples who look like their about to embark on a similar trip as you and your date. From the meet and greet you are quickly given a travel guide , the bus driver walks in smiling " Alrighty folks who's ready , It's time to travel!" You have just started the most realistic and lifelike vacation in Secondlife ! Golden Arrow Tours , was started by myself and a friend who actually work in travel tourism in rl ! , we wanted to bring the excitement and thrill of a real life guided tour vacation to SL . Of course we dont do the typical 5 day vacation through the Rockies hehe ...kinda time consuming in SL , bt we do give our clients a 1-6 hour tour that feels a lot like the ones you'd go on in RL. We are building packages , and expanding packages , we are new ...and already we're seeing copy cats so we know we are onto something here. A typical tour is as follows: You arrive at the appointed meet and greet location , sometimes its at a bus stand or hotel . we meet and greet with our group members ( guests like yourself) and we load up the bus . we do a city or town tour , followed by 2-3 stops at a local attraction , sometimes its a natural area like waterfalls or hiking trails , sometimes its art galleries. we then continue to a scheduled stop for lunch , sometimes in a meadow or trendy cafe , then off to the shops and business districts for an hour , finally the tour winds down and we drop you off at a local bed and breakfast, or cruiseship. Right now our bookings are limited , we have 3 packages available with more being added . we are in the process of setting up a travel center , with information boards etc . We are looking for business partnerships with sim owners , who would like to host our groups to tour their sims, please message me for more information on that. one of our luxury coaches
  11. wow an awesome tribute to an amazing historical icon , look forward to taking in a show someday !
  12. In real life , we simply don't teleport to our favorite destination and wander around. Sure it'd be great if we could. We're bringing real life style vacations to secondlife. We offer realistic lifelike tours conducted by motor coach . Pack your day bag , grab your camera and climb aboard a luxuary motor coach for a personally guided tour through some of the most amazing locations in secondlife, we offer couple and group themed coach tours ranging from 1-5 hours in length. offering you and your sweetie the most realistic lifelike vacation experience ever! A typical tour involves : Timed photo stops lunch break city/scenic tour of area gift shops and a hotel / resort as your final stop some tours include night clubs and malls (depending on coach access) message us today for future tour dates , rates and group information. we are actively seeking partnerships with sim owners , by offering our agency access to your community/resort you are welcoming visitors and traffic , we do require a tag to bring the bus in , it sits at 31 prims and 32LI .... a very low impact , our guests and patrons will not need tags or rez rights. Join the list of tour destinations today!
  13. Hello I'm a graphic artist that specializes in custom vehicle themes and decals , mostly Police and Fire based on RL depts for various Roleplay groups. Give me a picture of a real life ride and a PSD template and I'll make you the SL version no problem. Custom themes for Astaro , ProStreet , CSM , SZYM , ACCC ...just to name a few custom badges for rp depts , unique police cars ...why use the same one every other dept uses? be original ! I can also do signs for various buildings , exterior 3D hollow letters ( ie letter cut out of wood or metal) pop by my showroom , feel free to send me an IM for more info. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calloway/123/208/22
  14. I have cut all associations with this community . and am in no way responsible for any articles or affiliations or responsibilities associated with the operation of this sim.
  16. Yes it is a fair size , and although we do not allow none residents to rez personal vehicles , we do offer free bicycles and scooters around town at various rez points, as well as an off road ATV quad over at our Provincial park!
  17. Thank you Mirakajira , always good to have contacts in that area also .
  18. Harborview Estates is a Family Roleplay Sim located off the coast of Maine. Offering lush landscaping , large family homes priced just right and amazing friends and neighbors , and of course staff on hand willing to make your stay an enjoyable one ! Come by and take a stroll , you'll be calling us home in no time! We offer: Small shops ~ School ~ Police and Fire Dept. ~ Medical Clinic ~ Large park area's ~ Beaches and water area's We are a new Family sim on the map , this is true . Our staff come from all walks of life in SL and bring with them a large variety of family rp sim experience. We have various rp job openings including Police and Fire ,visit them today for an application ...volunteer positions are open to all! We're simply different here in Harborview Estates , what are you waiting for ? In the time you read this thread you could have been home already :)
  19. We are a Fire Department RP Group seeking a community without a current fire department. We are being pushed out of current home due to community restructuring Fire Boss Safety Inc. Is a full Service Fire Protection Services Company providing Fire and Rescue Services to small/medium communities. We provide our own structures and Fire Equipement , and fully involve will members of your community into our Fire Dept RP. Every Community Needs a Fire Station , let us be yours! Our group is actively seeking a 40x60 lot within a family community or Adult living Community. Please IM me in-game thank you , Billy Diesel (dieselaffair Resident)
  20. FIRE BOSS SAFETY INC. is a private/contract Fire Protection Services Company , specializing in providing full service Fire&EMS services to private communities. We include residents of the community that wish to RP , and welcome any and all requests for Fire Services from the community we're in. Our services are provided at NO COST to the community , after all we're a FD RP Group seeking a community to RP our FD Dreams. We are looking for a lot to rent (Street Access) within a family community or Adult Community, one without a current Fire Department would be ideal. Our current location is changing to malls , clubs and highrises and simply doesnt need our services any longer. Our budget is 3000 wk for 1000-1200 Prim , we provide our own buildings and Fire Units , and use our own group ...All we need is a friendly Community without a FD that has a suitable lot for rent (around 40x60) if smaller we'd gladly come for a visit and see if it will do. Please Contact Billy Diesel today TYVM.
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