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  1. Hello! I've been having an issue that Ive been deeling with for a few weeks now, it is making SL unplayable. FS loads worlds fine, but god forbid there are avatars on it, because it seems to freeze up and start ghosting as soon as an avatar teleports by me. its a gamebreaking issue for me, my voice chat goes down, and my viewer locks up for seveal seconds and then it just pops back to normal for every avater. I know its not my computer, its a brand new computer with a 3700x, a rtx 2070 and 32 gigs of ram. And Sl was runing great for awhile. however I recently switched internet providers (from att to comcast) and as soon as I booted it up for the first time after getting the switch , it was broken. I have been messing with my bandwith settigns to no avail, cranking down the draw distance and graphics and lowering the max amount of avatars to silly amounts with no effect. I am really at a loss. What more frustrating is that it was in internet upgrade, every other game runs better but sl became broken. I was wondering if anyone has had any simmilar issues or susgestions, Id really love to get back into sl, but i cant evengo to my normal homestead hang out or realy much of anywhere other then completely dead sims.
  2. I have an isue that alot of others are having, where your character turns into a cloud and you cant seem to get it back. I tried everything recomended, but none of it worked. I finally decided to reset everything and put an alternate mesh on to recover my original character (a process that took around 30 minutes), but i had to restart cause not all of my outfit components loaded into the folder, when i restarted the viewer, the character was gone again, this is my second account, my first acount also went invisible, i would make another account, but this time i started putting money into the account, why do some people have this issue, while others dont seem to have it or know what i am talking about. Ohters can see me, but i cant see myself, i really want to play this game, but i am getting insanely irritated. I am running windows 8 x64, what can i do to fix this problem, even if it requires upgrading my graphics card, I want my character to load, is there something third party i can use to solve this problem? please help. Also the method in letting me be able to see my character again erases all of my "recieved items" so stuff i bought in the market place with real money has been erased, multiple times
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