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  1. That did it! thank you all so much for your help You are so amazing!
  2. Why is it always a semicolon XD Thank you Rolig, saving my butt once again.
  3. I think I am still doing something wrong, it's still taking commands regardless of the sub string. here is the current code. state_entry() { llListen(-HIDDEN, "", "", ""); nameTag = llGetSubString(llGetObjectName(), 0, 5); //llWhisper(0,damage_type +" Remaining Rounds "+(string)ammo_count); } listen(integer chn, string nam, key id, string msg) { if (msg == resupply_command && chn == -HIDDEN&& llGetSubString(nam, 0, 5) == nameTag); { llSleep(1); //ammo_storeage = ammo_storeage_MAX; ammo_count = ammo_count_MAX ; llWhisper(0,damage_type +" Remaining Rounds "+(string)ammo_count); } }
  4. Oh, could you elaborate a bit on that one? I've never done something like that.
  5. Oh man this looks like what I need, is there a way to make it automatically get the name from the object ? If llGetSubString(llgetobjectname(), 0, 5) == "CG REP") kind of thing?
  6. Hello SL scripting people me again! I have a question about a listen check, I'm trying a dozy of a thing and I want to know if it is even possible. first off is the script. I want to take this script a step farther. and have it check the name of the object. the name is this CG REP Z-95 3.6 all my objects match this naming convention with a 3 letter tag just after CG, I want to make it so that resupply checks that REP or IMP or SEP etc and only then will it accept the command. but I can't figure out how to do a listen script so complex like that. would it be a while loop? I need a lot of help on this one. string resupply_command="R1"; listen(integer chn, string nam, key id, string msg) { if (msg == resupply_command && chn== -HIDDEN) { llSleep(1); //ammo_storeage = ammo_storeage_MAX; ammo_count = ammo_count_MAX ; llWhisper(0,damage_type +" Remaining Rounds "+(string)ammo_count); } }
  7. I tried this t hough I have a collision function in the root prim, strikes to t he child prim does n ot p ass the collision to it, I suppose I will have to try with link message.
  8. Thank you for the reply. but could you give an example o f how the pass command is used? I have a script in a child prim that I want to pass the collision with that prim to the root prim.
  9. Hey there peoples, would you please help explain the llpasscollision command? the wiki is SO BAD at explaining it. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlPassCollisions it doesn't tell where t his is used. I have a script in the root prim that is waiting for collision by various objects, but if it hits another prim it won't pass the collision.
  10. OH thank you so much, that makes a lot of sense now. thank you for your help, I will make the adjustments to the script then.
  11. Hey again forums. I have a bit of an issue with one of my scripts, I have it kind of working but not fully. So how it works is I touch the prim and it rezes the object a distance away from the root, but if I change randx+5 to say randX+10, to make the distance greater the object doesn't rez, there is no error but i can't see the object or where it's actually spawning. am I missing something to this script? the ammo count is in another part of the script and works fine you can ignore that part. touch_start(integer total_number) { if ( ammo_count==0) { llWhisper(0,"Hanger Depleted"); } else { ammo_count--; rot = llGetRot(); pos = llGetPos(); integer randX = llRound(llFrand(5)); integer randY = 5 + llRound(llFrand(-10)); integer randZ = 5 + llRound(llFrand(-10)); llRezObject(Deploy, pos+<randX+5,randY,randZ>*rot, <0.000, 0.000, 0.000>, rot, 1); llWhisper(0,"Remaining Ships "+" Hanger "+(string)ammo_count); } }
  12. WHoa, that looks way over kill to what I have my script doing XD
  13. Never mind, I put the integer in the wrong spot XD
  14. Hm when i tried that it gives me a syntex error, but i don't see what im doing wrong. integer hp = (integer)llGetObjectDesc();
  15. One more, thing its along the same lines, is there a way I can make my integer here. integer hp = 500; read object description like this integer hp = llGetObjectDesc(); ?
  16. You are amazing thank you so much, something so small held up the whole script XD it compiled!
  17. I feel like I learn so much from this forum, I have another question, I'm diving into making my script work more efficiently. I have this snippit here. it scans my link set for a link name, but I need to turn the name it finds back into a link number for the integer to work. could someone shed some light on what I'm doing wrong? thank you so much if anyone gets the time. string name = PART+"Fire"; { integer i = llGetNumberOfPrims(); for (; i >= 0; --i) { if (llGetLinkName(i) == name) { keystate = 0 ; updateParticles() ; llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(name,[PRIM_COLOR,ALL_SIDES,<1.000, 1.000, 1.000>,0.2,PRIM_GLOW,ALL_SIDES,0.8,PRIM_POINT_LIGHT,TRUE,<0.984, 0.752, 0.359>,1,3,.750]); } } }
  18. OHHHHHH so what you are saying is even if I tell it to use shift A or D it just won't work in mouse look it will only take one command?
  19. So this is a doozy but I will try to explain it. I am working with a flight script I am trying to re write, there is a lot of junk in here that isn't important but bare with me please. the controls are as follows OUT OF MOUSE LOOK (this part is important.) W (brings the nose of the ship down) S (brings the nose of the ship up) A (rolls the ship left) D (rolls the ship right) E (throttle up) C (throttle down) Shift-A (rotates the ship left) Shift-D(rotates the ship right) But in mouse look, the controls are changed. these commands do the same thing and i can no longer roll the ship when in mouse look. |A (rotates the ship left) D (rotates the ship right) Shift-A (rotates the ship left) Shift-D(rotates the ship right) I have looked through this script many times, removed anything that talked about mouse look, but nothing worked to fix my problem, here is the full script below. any help on this would be vary appreciate,d I just want the controls to be the same in and out of mouse look.
  20. YES you were right! There was no problem with my script! wow, thank you guys. my script is working perfectly!
  21. wait.... I think its a very simple solution isn't it, I type the command as /-CHANNEL altier.verwood 1 am I typing the command wrong?
  22. Oh I see it, you added a command I did not have, I've never seen lltolower before, I need to look that one up. thank you so much I will test this out now.
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