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  1. Im not going forward this. Due to the recent acquisition of LL by an investment co Ive decided its time to leave SL. Im also sick of the big mouths and ass holes here. Most of whom lives in mommies basement. Ive done this before and shelled out hundreds only to end up looking for someone new because the idiot I hired is too lazy to do the job he was hired for. SL is full of this crap and Ive had it. SL is going no where and its time to move on for me.
  2. Id watch your fat *****ing mouth.... You had no business replying to me at all.. If you want to be a big shot then come to my house and talk your BRAND OF ***** TO MY *****ING FACE!
  3. I don't think I owe you any explanation at this point. I was very very clear, that I take care of my 82 year old father who has dementia and is dying of cancer and I don't have time to be in SL that much. I don't appreciate your attitude as if I did something to you and now somehow you are now butt hurt and offended. I'm not playing games here. I offered real world cash and a fair amount to do the job. I expect if I'm going to be paying someone for a big job, that they make themselves available rather than sitting back and dictating how things are to me. That may work in SL with others but not me. I'm not playing games here. Typically people in SL are flakes. The vast majority. I gave you numerous times I could meet and you are the one that had issues with everything. As I also said, since this take over of LL, Im hesitant at this point to even have this sim. Its really amazing the attitudes people have and I didnt even ask you to reply to me, you did it on your own instead of just moving on. Which tells me a lot about you. What's new with SL. I'll just go to GT Trader and hire someone there. At least there, people are ready, willing and able to work and meet my schedule WITHOUT ENTITLED GAMES! And most of those people are in india. Ready to work. [Shaking my head.......]
  4. Im still trying to find the right fit here and willing to pay real world cash for helping me finish off my sim. Im wanting one quarter of my sim to be a multi level cyberpunk city with lots of hidden places and passageways and on then adjacent to the cyberpunk city I want roads and have some other spaces hidden in the roadways. I would have to meet with you in world if you think you can do this. I really want something nice. I can handle the rest of the sim. I dont have a lot of time because I take care of my dad and I have too much happening in RL so I dont have the time to really work on this and if I cant find someone soon, I might just close it down. Its just wasting my money each month right now. PM me in world. Will need to be able to voice. We can set up a time to meet at my sim and go over things. Show you what Ive got so far. .Thanks for lQQking.
  5. I have a sim but only need a quarter of it built up as a cyberpunk city. RL has me real busy and Im paying for this sim so I either need to get this going or cancel my sim. Im willing to pay real world money for this. Im willing to pay what you are worth but I need someone who is both capable and reliable. If I cant find anyone here Im sure CG trader will be a solution. I just thought Id offer this to residents first before I farm this out to someone in india who has never heard of second life. IM me in world. I may take a few days to respond because Im real busy in RL right now. Thanks for looking.
  6. Design and build my sim. I'm trying to make a cyberpunk city, and I have specific ideas Id like done. I seriously do not have time right now and I don't feel like I can do this anyway. I have a lot of buildings and can buy more if needed. Let me know please. Thanks.
  7. I got a male body and while I like it, no one has ever answered me for support and I contacted linden labs and they told me to go fly a kite because when I buy something from a seller I enter into a contract with them and blah blah... Meaning Im screwed. I havent been able to get clothing to work with the transparencies and I cant put on any tattoos either.. I really like this body but if I cant do anything with it then what else is there? Ive searched and maybe Im missing something.. Who has good mesh bodies?
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