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  1. Seriously love your pictures so much, Sunny. Would love some landmarks where you shop too!! ~ Trying out the pigtails. Have I told you guys how much I love Magika hair? Because I do.
  2. Raw shot of a picture I posted earlier on today in the how does your avi look today thread. I’m starting to think (in this case at least for my own pictures) editing can make or break a picture. Maybe I just need to learn how to take better pictures though. Some of the pics on this thread alone are just amazing.
  3. I was about to say this. The artistic skills people on SL show,, I’m truly in awe
  4. I guess I’ll contribute to this thread since I did the other one so much!
  5. Me & my girls @PixieGirrrrl @JenniexKim were digging around and messing around with our inventories,,, and we created this monstrosity today. Haha
  6. A saucier shot of me.. not sure what I was going for here, just felt right! Haha
  7. This seems RIGHT up my street... I would love to join. Would you guys take a mermaid avi?
  8. Wanted to show off my new hairstyle (from the Magika 50% sale!!) and I absolutely LOVE how these pictures came out.
  9. I will never not be in awe of these kind of pictures! They’re just SO amazing.. ~~~ wanted to show off my new makeup hehe
  10. As bare faced as my skin would let me Pretty sure it has its own built in eyeshadow & lashes on.
  11. Trying out the black hair.. thanks for the feedback guys! @JenniexKim let’s see how long this lasts.. ha
  12. I dug out my old Kemono today 👉👈 I would love to find some other kemono users/furries/non totally human esque avatars friends to hang out with & make use of it again..
  13. How do you so effortlessly take such gorgeous pictures. I’m only semi happy with mine after way too much post processing! Ha. Seriously, love this picture!❤️
  14. A little while back my friend @JenniexKim said I suit darker hair really well.. I’m not entirely sold on it though 😰 what do you guys think? ( and please ignore the neck seam, I’ve tried everything and cannot for the life of me figure out how to get rid it..)
  15. Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️ Glad you like the pic hehe. And yeah, I think the masks are already coming into fashion. I haven’t been out much but I have seen quite a few pretty ones around IRL. ~~~~~~~~ Todays pic.. found an old outfit in my inventory & I just had to make it work! Also uploaded to my Flickr.
  16. /me attempts to bring the thread back on track
  17. No hate intended,,, found this in a Second life memes group on Facebook though and I’m absolutely cracking up lmao
  18. What on Earth happened here today? Anyways... pretty picture of me & my friend Demaras
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