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  1. Hi loves, I was looking through my old photo library and came across my IMVU avi and I was wondering if anyone knows how I could attempt to recreate the look in SL? Mainly, I'm looking for the skin (or at least one that looks similiar) the makeup and the hair (or again, a similiar one)? TIA! ❤️
  2. I just adore this picture I created.. ❤️💫 @PixieGirrrrl @StaceyBliss
  3. After some weeks away dealing with my mental health.. I’m baaaaack!! (Again)
  4. After a pretty 💩 mental health week, I’m baaack!
  5. Cosplaying my all time favourite super hero today!
  6. Just one shot from a cute little photo shoot me and the girls did yesterday.. ❤️🏍 @JenniexKim @PixieGirrrrl
  7. Oh look.. she’s making another thread. Pls don’t hate me!! Does anyone know of a decent hairstyle that looks similar to the pics? The only one I can find is Doux Brandi which isn’t really what I’m after or Lamb- Halo which meshes strangley with my head.. TIA!! ❤️
  8. Perfection! Thanks youuuu. & thank you everyone else! ❤️
  9. Okay, title looks a little intimidating. I wanted to make this thread to get others opinions aswell as find out who else has done the same as me. When editing a photo I took earlier, I noticed something. I’ve subconsciously been building my avatar off of WWE Superstar Mandy Rose. Without realising until now. I think Mandy is absolutely gorgeoussss so it makes sense I’d attempt to make my avatar look like her. I spoke with a friend about it & she told me that she also built her avatar off of an adult model! So I’m wondering, is anybody else’s avatars inspired by real life people? Or is it built on how you look in real life? Or your dream look? Or just your total fantasy. Let’s share!
  10. @JenniexKim & I waiting to get into the nightclub!
  11. My favourite photo I’ve ever taken. (Had to use Mr. Starr to cover up my naughty parts) check out the uncensored version on my Flickr.
  12. A (very rare) non edited shot that I actually like!
  13. Hi guys!! ❤️ Hoping somebody can help me find a shirt like this. Or at least similar. I am correct in searching for 'fishnet' right? I've searched high and low but I cannot for the life of me find one that is BOM enabled? TIA
  14. ‘E’ looks like he could use a massage after that. great picture!
  15. We had a cute little mini photoshoot today @JenniexKim
  16. I’ve missed this thread ❤️ It didn’t go anywhere I just got lazy. Ha
  17. I’ll never understand why my pictures come out so pixelated 🤕
  18. Finally figured out how to take pictures like this... I’m super happy with myself right now
  19. Went hiking today with @PixieGirrrrl & @JenniexKim but apparently, I didn’t get the white tube top memo. Whoops!
  20. Aaah thank you guys! I forgot I had Siva in my inventory, works perfectly. ❤️❤️❤️
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