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  1. Not really 10 years but who’s counting 😛 My first ever pic on SL (2013) to my most recent (2020) I just want to know who was letting me walk around like that & telling me I looked nice... 😐
  2. Me gaming in my new apartment. Of course I already have my necessities Can’t wait to start decorating it more!!
  3. Me & @TrevorGuy hanging out in my new apartment ❤️
  4. Slot filled. We got a new place already. Lol. Could somebody delete this thread please?
  5. Hey everyone ^^ I’m looking to get a new AO as mine is still the same one I’ve been using since I first joined SL but I’ve no idea where to start :(( I’ve had a look around but it’s all rather confusing to me,, having to pay for each animation? Surely that isn’t how it works these days? All help & suggestions is greatly appreciated. Tyyy ❤️
  6. Oooh, this is gorgeous! What lighting do you use??
  7. Hey everyone. I’m looking to make new friends.. maybe form a friendship group? 😅 I’m kind of awkward in SL, I don’t really know how to make friends or start a conversation you know? I dunno where I’m going with this but uh, if you’re interested in any of the following- Gaming Pro Wrestling Movies Super Heroes Supernatural Beings Magic Greek Mythology Or other geeky things, feel free to shoot me an IM.. 🙂 SL can get really lonely :(( Hope to see you all in world ❤️
  8. Hi! ((: I love Blackpink & Red Velvet lol.
  9. Yup, I'm just wearing the Head/Body alpha, I can just about see the eyes, but they're very closed up
  10. I picked up a pair of mesh eyes but still can't see them? Hmm.. I do believe I'm starting to get the hang of all of this though!
  11. It's not that my head messed up, but my eyes have dissapeared? And my makeup too..
  12. Thanks all so much for the help! I picked up the Valentina body, it seems to be working fine, although my head has messed up?? Lol.. are there any free heads anywhere I could find?
  13. Damn it, I’ve made a really cool tattoo & pair of shorts I really like, but if I can’t wear those, hmmmm. I’m gonna have a look around for some demos however. Decide how I really feel about using it. Would I also have to buy a new skin? I’m happy with just one head & body, skin etc. Thanks all for the help! Does anyone have a link to any good demo’s to try out?
  14. Thank you @Rhonda! That link really helped me understand so much more. At least with the bodies. Still confused as to how tattoo’s & skin layers work though. And what are “omega appliers”? Also, would I still be able to wear my normal clothes or could I only shop for clothes that are fit for a certain body? As for the price I’m looking to spend, not even close to that. Maybe £15 at most?
  15. Thank you both very much ^^ I’m still pretty rusty, don’t entirely understand.. 10k seems a bit pricey, but if the classic avi is going out of date maybe it’s time to upgrade.. Are these heads & bodies customisable like the classic shapes or does everyone end up looking the same way? Lol. I don’t understand what was meant by “specific appliers” either
  16. Hi all. First post on here. Recently I’ve returned from an SL hiatus & I’ve noticed everyone talks about investing in “bento” “physique” “maitreya Lara” & i’m extremely confused. I was hoping someone could explain it all to me? How it works? How much i’m looking at spending overall. I feel like a total newbie lol.. thanks in advance! -Lex
  17. So I was trying to add a card to my account and when I pressed enter,it sent me to a page that said something about I'm temporarily not aloud to add a card please try again in a few minutes? I've spent about an hour trying to add it and it's just not working,I'm age verified if that has anything to do with it? Please help
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