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  1. How do I activate shadows in singularity viewer ? Thanks for the help. :)
  2. Im getting a script error. On anything I try to wear. I cleared cache. And reinstalled sl. And still nothing. Please help thanks so much.
  3. trixie Hollow


    Hello, Im trying to uninstall two veiwers from my pc. But where I normally go to do that. Start then control panel. For some reason I do not see these two veiwers. The vewiers are black dragon and nirans If that helps. Is there anyone who knows where else they can be located. Thank you so much. :)
  4. trixie Hollow


    When i take a picture its blurry and choppy on the edges figured it was a graphics card problem but when i took it to be looked at they said it could be fixed in my preferences. Can someone help me with what i might have to change in preferences. Thank you
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