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  1. Maybe your right if your not on the receiving end of this BS but those of us being screwed over always look for answers. and its DUMBASS like you who try to insult our pain and suffering that continues the BS of second life
  2. for you ignorant selfish people who think cheating in second life is not real do some research on how many divorces are using evidence from online sources to determine the out come of divorces.. the courts agree that its really cheating.
  3. cheating is cheating no matter where! if you think second life isnt cheating then you probably belief its ok to just change your name and where a costume in real life and it isnt cheating. my wife has been having an affair here in second life and I caught her.. now I have to deal with what to do with our 10 year merriage. its obvious that something was missing if she had to run to another man in this game.
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