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  1. Can anyone advice me please--I've been told that if you upgrade membership and for some reason wish to go back to a guest account, that your avatar is blocked from SL for a period of time. is that true? I'd like to upgrade but no one knows what tomorrow brings and would like the flexibility to go back to being a guest if need be, without losing my ability to log in
  2. If you ban players after they have collected funds and don't allow them to claim those funds surely that's theft. Ban yes if they chose, its their game, but the funds should still be paid to the individual
  3. Increasingly Im not getting some IM's while I'm on line. I get some of the messages but some is left out and people think I'm ignoring them. Its always a complete line of IM too and I often get the entry before and after. I don't get the missing lines until I log off and back on again - often the next day. I was hoping this was resolved by doing a clean install and using the new viewer but its still happening. I'm using Firestorm viewer. Can anyone help?
  4. Hi I get a warning mesage on entering some regions like this..... Memory : 6.3MB (10.0MB max - Try < 7.0MB) Time : 562µs (200µs max - Try < 170µs) Script Count : 106 (200 max - Try < 100) I understand what scripts are and how to reduce them but what is memory and time? How do I reduce them so I dont get the warning message in certain sims?
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