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  1. Well, it looks like a nice place. Planning on playing a bratty but good older teenage girl with an authoritarian father she adores. What are you looking for in a daughter? i may be the daughter you are looking for. And not looking for a traditional family at all. Sorry I have not responded earlier rl got crazy. I see it is a moderate sim so I guess everyone behaves. Maybe I will check it out today. I don't need an allowance. Have my own Ls.
  2. Definitely an interesting idea as I have a thing for bodice ripper romances. Would it be in conjunction with a bigger rp - medieval or Viking one? or is this solo (would not mind either way). If you are interested please contact me and we could discuss this further. It could be a lot of rp fun.
  3. Older rebellious teen girl looking for authoritative parent to straighten her up.
  4. hey...yiu can look me up and add me...Kettarah Resident.
  5. I am doing an rp...need an uncle to play my guardian, preferably a merchant. If interested contact me inworld.
  6. Gor, medieval, fantasy - looking for a fun rp partner. So if you are looking for a fiesty freewoman, a noble lady, a devoted slave...give me a ring inworld.
  7. Kettarah

    New to Gor

    Haifa is a good place. They will help you learn the basics and get a backstory. I got there a couple of weeks ago myself. Look me up if you come by - Kettarah.
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