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  1. Hi, any of you can tell me how to reset firestorm settings? I tried to uninstall but it doesn't work. I accidentally changed settings on the camera
  2. buonasera da 2 giorni il mio inventario risulta vuoto e non visualizza le annotazioni mentre se uso altri viwer tutto è normale
  3. sistema operativo: windows 10 pro scheda video : intel g33/g31 directX:12 prima avevo sistema operativo windows 7 e funzionava tutto benissimo, passando al windoows 10 mi dice che i driver della scheda video non sono installati correttamente. ho aggiornato tutto ma il problema continua
  4. concett


    Thanks it's the first time I've done it, what do you advise me to do now? Cancel or wait?
  5. concett


    If I cancel my order, will they give me my money back?
  6. concett


    But they took the money from my bank account
  7. concett


    Good evening I bought linden on October 15th with my avatar: Concett resident. To date I have not yet received the money ordered; I placed the order from the official second life website
  8. hi, i have a premium account with a house but I would like to know if you can have more prim available, or a bigger house but with more prim
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